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At Taekwondo World


This is a message from one of our recent 1st Dan Black Belts. He has worked hard to attain this level, and we are proud of his dedication and motivation. We hope to see him continue to progress. “I started out at Taekwondo World in the beginning of 2013. It began as a passing interest… Read more “TAEKWONDO, IT’S MADE ME A BETTER, STRONGER AND HAPPIER PERSON”

Michael Tong

One goal, two woman, history in the making!

Martial Arts Kellyville

When Sylvana Giuffreand Shalini Burnsjoined Taekwondo World, their aim was to get their black belt. However, after reaching black, they wanted more. Both ladies are over 40 with families. They have a passion for the sport and train hard. Here are their stories Sylvana Giuffre (47) grading1Read more “One goal, two woman, history in the making!”

Sylvana Giuffre & Shalini Burns

Three generations of the Jack’s Family train together

Jack-32My father, my brother and I have all trained under the guidance and coaching of Master Yoo at Taekwondo World. He is a very passionate, skilful and knowledgeable instructor who provides his students with the… Read more “Three generations of the Jack’s Family train together”

Anthony Jack


Taekwondo World has changed my life; I am a different person who has a bright future ahead. I am 14 years old. It all started 18 months ago never did I know that my life was going to change forever. I have always been interested in sport and physical activity, previously I have switched from… Read more “LIFE IS SO BORING WITHOUT TAEKWONDO!”

Hanaa Cader

Express our gratitude to Grand Master Yoo and his Team of dedicated and passionate Masters

Our children have attended the Castle Hill Taekwondo Club for more than three years, and over that period have excelled physically, emotionally, and academically. Jasmine’s school grades have improved dramatically. She started off with average grades, and since joining TKD World, her grades have improved each year, and she is now at the top of… Read more “Express our gratitude to Grand Master Yoo and his Team of dedicated and passionate Masters”

Andy and Alida Schiller


It all started one afternoon while reading the school newsletter, I saw TKD World’s Advertisement. Straight away I picked up the phone and called TKD world Master Yoo told me that we can start anytime, that evening as soon as we entered TKD world everything changed. The Masters are just amazing they have so much… Read more “SUCCESS IN TAEKWONDO SUCCESS IN LIFE”

Mansi's Family

For my family, Taekwondo World is a way of life, and part of our extended family

Brandyn started his journey with Taekwondo World over two and half years ago, and he has had an amazing transition, growing from a boy who was meek and mild to someone who can now assert himself and has confidence in himself. We thank Master Yoo and the amazing group of young talented masters, past and… Read more “For my family, Taekwondo World is a way of life, and part of our extended family”

The Burns Family

Building a Strong and Healthy Family with Taekwondo World

Our family has lots to thank you for. Even though our journey to-date with you has only spanned about 3 years, we have seen and felt the benefits of taekwondo and belonging to a fantastic club like Taekwondo World. Our family has grown stronger, healthier, fitter and closer with your help and support. Our lives… Read more “Building a Strong and Healthy Family with Taekwondo World”

Chee Bong, Lena, Lucas & Norah


My husband and I had always wanted our boys to do a martial art but we had no idea which one to choose. After making one phone call and speaking directly with Grandmaster Yoo, I knew I had found the right place for our children to go. He was so helpful and generous with his… Read more “SO MUCH MORE THAN OUR FAMILY IMAGINED”

Anita, Iggy, Nikolas and Matthew

Happy Family with Taekwondo

Who would have thought 2 months after our son Oscar joined Taekwondo World my husband and I would also. We really cannot recommend Taekwondo World enough. There are so many benefits in learning Taekwondo we would love to share with everyone our experience. As soon as you enter Taekwondo World you can feel what a… Read more “Happy Family with Taekwondo”

Oscar's Family

Father & Son Team

Hello, Master Yoo! 426352_304854752895504_137895419591439_769049_426909077_n-300x200Shaun started doing Taekwondo in August 2010 when he was just three years old. When he started he was very shy and quiet. He was not happy about leaving mum and dad… Read more “Father & Son Team”

Heath and Shaun Thompson

A Very Proud Day in Our Family‏

As you would be aware today my 7 ½ year old son Declan graded for Black Belt. To see him go through his grading techniques, patterns and sparing was a very proud moment for our young family.
It seems hard to image that just 3 years ago when he started in Little Tigers as… Read more “A Very Proud Day in Our Family‏”

Paul Garufi

Thank you to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords

Thankyou to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords……… We last wrote in 2009 when we started Taekwondo and how we were enjoying the training. Now here we are 2 years later and we have all trained hard to achieve Black Belt level! We are very proud of our son Callum (8yrs), who received… Read more “Thank you to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords”

Sanford's Family

Taekwondo World – A great Experience

I would like to thank Master Yoo and all of the instructors at the Taekwondo World Gym – Castle Hill. Both my Son Jack and I enrolled into Taekwondo World at Castle Hill in January 09. We wanted to get Jack interested in a sport that would offer discipline, teach him how to respect people… Read more “Taekwondo World – A great Experience”

Jack's Family

Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us

Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us. There are so many positives since it became an integral part of our lives. Fitness and overall wellbeing is one very obvious benefit, but there is so much more. I love the discipline that it teaches my boys (aged 4 and 5) without… Read more “Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us”

Rose Family

Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World

Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World. I am proud to say my children attend Taekwondo World at Castle Hill which is run by the Master Yoo and instructors. My children have been attending for nearly two years now. It’s the best decision I ever made. My son had problems at school with… Read more “Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World”

Mr and Mrs Chiotis

Kieran and Arvin Prasad Brother’s story

My brother Arvin and I were looking for a good martial arts school. My parents looked at a number of them and eventually we visited Taekwondo World. The instructors at Taekwondo world gave us a trial session and we really enjoyed it. Taekwondo World really taught us how to defend ourselves using different techniques. Every… Read more “Kieran and Arvin Prasad Brother’s story”

Kieran and Arvin Prasad

We Love Taekwondo World

My husband and myself decided to join our 3 children up at Taekwondo World Castle Hill.
They were not enjoying other sports and we thought this would be something different for them. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!!
Not only are Anthony, Adrian and Alyssa having so much… Read more “We Love Taekwondo World”

Tony, Lisa, Anthony, Adrian and Alyssa.

Start a new life with Taekwondo

Taekwondo Kingsgrove

I started training at Taekwondo World just over 12 months ago with my 7 year old son. I used to love to run and go to the gym but spent the last 5 years pushing a stroller or walking at toddler pace. I love playing outdoors with my children but still the weight crept on.… Read more “Start a new life with Taekwondo”

Kay Murphy

Persistence pays at Taekwondo World

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Master Yoo, Kim and all the Instructors at Taekwondo World for the wonderful job they have done with our son Ethan. He has moved in leaps and bounds since joining the club and is already at a blue belt level. Ethan is a shy and timid… Read more “Persistence pays at Taekwondo World”

Gillian & Shane Gunawardhana

Thanks from Daniel Xin’s family‏

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your
Taekwondo World for Daniel’s progress in Taekwondo
training. Daniel Xin started Taekwondo training in Taekwondo World
when he was 5 years old. A big happy smile always
appears on his face every time he changed his belt colour
Read more “Thanks from Daniel Xin’s family‏”

Ivan & Celia Xin

Self discipline, Fitness and Confidence

My three sons William (9), Benjamin (8) and Samuel (4) have been attending Taekwondo Classes for over a year. I have noticed significant changes in that time. William’s self discipline, listening skills and communication with others have positively changes and as a result his school grades have improved. Benjamin’s fitness level has increased which has… Read more “Self discipline, Fitness and Confidence”

Rachel Berkeley

What a fabulous place Taekwondo World is!!

The first thing you notice is the bright airy professional full time studio with fully padded floor and walls with ample sunlight streaming in from the huge floor to ceiling windows. This beats community centres hands down, then you can venture to the upstairs viewing room that is setup with a large viewing window, fabulous… Read more “What a fabulous place Taekwondo World is!!”

The Tavner Family

Taekwondo Brothers – Teo Family

It all started on a rainy Sunday afternoon and we picked up a local newspaper and saw the TKD world’s advertisement. We picked up the keys and jackets and went off to the North Rocks gym. The class hadn’t started but we could see that this was where we wanted our two sons, Benjamin and… Read more “Taekwondo Brothers – Teo Family”

Benjamin & Ambrose

Four boys are training in hurstville

My name is Kostas Kotrolos and I started Taekwondo almost five years ago having gotten my black belt near the end of last year. My time spent studying this martial art was enjoyable although at times could be tiring as I exerted my body to its limits and above. In the years I spent studying… Read more “Four boys are training in hurstville”

Kostas Kotrolos

From TKD WORLD, two school Captains

Leadership is one of the most important qualities in all aspects of life, and we at Taekwondo World embrace this to the fullest. Two of our more outstanding students, Ambrose Teo and Jake Williams, have been able to apply the leadership skills learnt through practicing Taekwondo to their education, consequently gaining the esteemed honour of… Read more “From TKD WORLD, two school Captains”

Ambrose Teo & Jake Williams

Finally, Jordan has black!

My son Jordan was subject to bullying at school. As a result, he had low self esteem and did not want to participate in school or social events. After hearing so many good things about Taekwondo World, we decided that Jordan should give it a go. In his very first class, Jordan was hesitant and… Read more “Finally, Jordan has black!”


Happy Parents and Happy son

My 9 year old son Brian Kim has been attending TKD classes for the past 3 Years.
I am delighted to observe his great success in his personal development as a result of TKD classes. It has given him much more self-confidence to undertake other activities, self-discipline, and the ability to perform in the… Read more “Happy Parents and Happy son”

Brian Kim

Allison, Callum and Claire in January 2008

Allison079They loved it from the first lesson and train most days.
The improvement in their flexibility and fitness could be seen within the first few weeks. We had been looking for an activity that… Read more “Allison, Callum and Claire in January 2008”

Allison, Callum and Claire

Jordan’s story as told by his Dad

My son Jordan was having a problem with a bully at school and as a result he was having self esteem issues. We decided that martial arts would be great for him because it will be good for his fitness, discipline and confidence. We were heard many good things about Taekwondo World and so we… Read more “Jordan’s story as told by his Dad”


Taekwondo World experience for Dean and Anthony

Dean and Anthony have been part of the Taekwondo World family for 5 years now.
The boys have been trained not only in Taekwondo techniques but also have been taught respect, honour, self control, patience, and concentration.

Dean & Anthony

Matthew’s taekwondo experience

My name is Matthew and I started Taekwondo in August 06. At first I wanted to try it because it looked like fun, but now I enjoy the workout and different moves you learn. Since starting, I have worked hard and participated in two gradings, passing both. My goal is to get my black belt… Read more “Matthew’s taekwondo experience”


Kim’s fascination of taekwondo and his three sons

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Ceaseless training is essential to keep oneself in top from and physical condition. To get those of condition, we need to set our body to regular mental situation and have to moderate in every sort of sophisticated throught such as laziness or drowsiness.Read more “Kim’s fascination of taekwondo and his three sons”


Todd’s Taekwondo experience

Todd has been training Taekwondo for 1.5 years now.
Todd was not interested in team sport and started Taekwondo without even really knowing what it was. He went along to Castle Hill and quickly became hooked. He found the techniques fun and friendly instructors to assist him at all times. When Todd first started… Read more “Todd’s Taekwondo experience”


Taekwondo is my way of life

Taekwondo is my way of life. I first started way back in 2006 when I was only 12. I am now at the ripe age of 19. Taekwondo World was small back then, only a small space Hills. They are now the biggest Taekwondo Centre in Australia. I remember my first lesson like it was… Read more “Taekwondo is my way of life”