Kieran and Arvin Prasad Brother’s story

My brother Arvin and I were looking for a good martial arts school. My parents looked at a number of them and eventually we visited Taekwondo World. The instructors at Taekwondo world gave us a trial session and we really enjoyed it.

Taekwondo World really taught us how to defend ourselves using different techniques. Every step of the way and every grading we learned new things and new techniques. Eventually we were promoted to blue belt and unfortunately at this stage we felt like quitting. Not because we didn’t like it but because we were playing soccer as well and school work was getting difficult. We told the instructors compelled us to keep on going and so did the instructors. They encouraged us and helped us progress to higher belts. As we were having lots of fun we decided to continue. We have gone from blue belt to red belt black tip (cho dan bo).

I particularly like the many fun activities during the training sessions. We have to run, jump over stacked blocks and hit a target. This gets interesting, as the stacks are made higher. There is also blocking which includes hitting or kicking the target and then blocking the target as the master swings it at you.
Taekwondo World is a truly great place to learn martial arts. My brother and I are looking forward to the black belt grading and we hope to pass.

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