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Hello, Master Yoo!

426352_304854752895504_137895419591439_769049_426909077_n-300x200Shaun started doing Taekwondo in August 2010 when he was just three years old. When he started he was very shy and quiet. He was not happy about leaving mum and dad and going off with these strange men in white pajamas, but he soon bonded with them and has become very close to a number of them. We have found that all the Masters are very good with the young kids, playing with the before the little tigers class and gaining their confidence.

After watching Shaun for a couple of weeks I decided to look at the seniors class. I was apprehensive at first. I didn’t want to be the old man novice by myself. I found that there was a number of people my own age there and of varying experience from the beginner to black belt. The Masters were very patient and understanding when it came to my training and level of fitness. Shaun and I particularly like the family class where we get to train together. This bonding time is so special for the two us us and our relationship is extremely good.

Shaun is no longer the shy little boy and now is happy to get out the front of the class and demonstrate certain techniques that he has learnt. We have both made very good friends and found the training to be challenging but fun at the same time.

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