Three generations of the Jack’s Family train together

Jack-32My father, my brother and I have all trained under the guidance and coaching of Master Yoo at Taekwondo World. He is a very passionate, skilful and knowledgeable instructor who provides his students with the most current information that the sport has to offer. Taekwondo World at Castle Hill is offering all participants a state of the art gymnasium with large spaces to learn in and an abundance of equipment. When you enter, you cannot help but be impressed by the facilities. They are simply outstanding.

In addition to an excellent environment to learn and train in, Master Yoo and Taekwondo World at Castle Hill also supports students by having numerous instructors available in every class. This enables the instructors to give individual attention to their students and therefore the student receives extra tuition and assistance.

My son has recently become interested in Taekwondo. The only club that we visited for his first look at the sport was Taekwondo World at Castle Hill. Mrs Yoo was extremely helpful at the front desk, providing us with all the information that we required. After 5 minutes of watching, my son was very keen to join in with the other beginners. There is a very social but focussed atmosphere when training, particularly with the beginners. My son could not wait to become involved.

My father, my brother and I were all very pleased that we trained at Taekwondo World under the coaching of Master Yoo. The skills and attitudes learnt during Taekwondo training have assisted us in our everyday lives and continue to assist us today. My son will be the third generation of the Jack family to become involved in Taekwondo with Master Yoo. I am very pleased that my son can also benefit from the many things that Master Yoo and Taekwondo World at Castle Hill have to offer.

Yours Sincerely,

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