Taekwondo World has changed my life; I am a different person who has a bright future ahead. I am 14 years old. It all started 18 months ago never did I know that my life was going to change forever. I have always been interested in sport and physical activity, previously I have switched from sport to sport but the longest I have played a sport is 4-5 months. I first started swimming then to basketball to tennis to netball and now Taekwondo.

I have done Taekwondo for 18 months and I feel like a different person. I have changed physically, emotionally and mentally. It all started when I was watching The Biggest Loser and the trainer, Tiffiny Hall, was doing Taekwondo, I had an urge to try it. In primary school I always felt scared someone would do something to me and I was bad- tempered.

I have not only improved physically, emotionally and mentally but also academically, I have achieved higher marks at school and am more confident. This year I was elected SRC and organised a fundraiser at school and raised over $1,000 in a day!

My parents encourage and support me every step of the way! During my journey I have been faced with injuries but I recover and keep on going because life is so boring without taekwondo!

At home I am considered eldest as my brother has cerebral palsy (he can’t talk or walk), before I had no confidence in taking him out but now I take my brother on small walks and spend time with him. After going to Taekwondo World and having fun every time my sister joined too, we have so much fun and come home with a big smile on our faces.

At Taekwondo World I have met so many amazing people and we are all like a big family, I have made so many friends that I can relate to. I always wait eagerly for time to pass so I can go to Taekwondo. The masters are skilful and Master Yoo and Kim are very welcoming.

A big thank you to Master Yoo, Kim, the masters and my parents!


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