Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World

Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World. I am proud to say my children attend Taekwondo World at Castle Hill which is run by the Master Yoo and instructors.

My children have been attending for nearly two years now. It’s the best decision I ever made. My son had problems at school with kids bullying him on a daily basis so I took him to a trial lesson and he had a great time. My daughter didn’t want to join because she thought it was a boys sport but she enjoyed herself so much at the trial lesson that both of them were signed up. My daughter ended up being a bit of a natural and is quite flexible so she gets a lot from the sport. My daughter is a black belt and has two trophies from Taekwondo World. These are not your basic $5 trophies. Master Yoo is a proud man and only the best will do for his students at Taekwondo World. There is a wonderful feeling you get from Taekwondo World. They make you feel like one big family.

Master Yoo instructors are very helpful to everyone and you can go to them for any questions you may have about the sport. Master Yoo is an educated man who I find interesting to talk too because you always learn something from him. There is so much to do at Taekwondo world. The kids enjoy learning there patterns which is basically kicks, blocks and hand techniques. I find it quite beautiful to watch if it is done properly. Sparring is a lot of fun because you get to compete against an opponent and try out smart him or her with your Taekwondo moves. Then you have Taekwondo dancing which can be funny at times. An instructor will come up with a dance using Taekwondo moves and the kids have to learn the dance and then they all dance it together with a great song . Every instructor has their own character so you never know what you will get. My children get along with all the instructors and have really bonded with all of them. They look up to them because they really spend the time to help them learn Taekwondo and have some fun along the way.
My children’s confidence and concentration has improved so much this past two years. My son is now a red belt one tip and the bullies left him alone a long time ago. He has learnt to stand up for himself without even kicking anyone. Their fitness level has improved so much they get annoyed if they have to miss a lesson. They just can’t get enough because it is such fun sport to be involved in and I know because I have tried it out myself. They have recently started competitions at Taekwondo World. They have had the Taekwondo dancing and the pattern competition. The kids really look forward to these because there are wonderful trophies to be won 1st , 2nd and 3rd place.

All I can say is come along and see for yourself why Taekwondo World is such a fabulous place for Adults and children.

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