Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us

Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us. There are so many positives since it became an integral part of our lives. Fitness and overall wellbeing is one very obvious benefit, but there is so much more. I love the discipline that it teaches my boys (aged 4 and 5) without forfeiting friendliness and fun. The structure and discipline of Taekwondo as a sport, particularly the patterns, strengthens the memory and listening skills of young children, standing them in good stead as they grow older. It also assists an ‘older’ guy like me keep all the faculties intact!

The professionalism of the instructors at Taekwondo World is also a huge plus for us. The classes are always run in punctual manner and the instructors are highly trained, skilful, extremely helpful and they go out of their way to assist in whatever way they can. The facilities are very spacious and big enough to accommodate a substantial number of students. It is very airy, well air-conditioned for those hot summer days and lends itself to an overall very enjoyable experience with every training session. I would highly recommend Taekwondo World to anyone and everyone. Taekwondo caters for all ages and all ranges of people, and I can’t say enough how much we love it. My boys eagerly anticipate each and every training session, and so do I!

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