Taekwondo Brothers – Teo Family

It all started on a rainy Sunday afternoon and we picked up a local newspaper and saw the TKD world’s advertisement. We picked up the keys and jackets and went off to the North Rocks gym. The class hadn’t started but we could see that this was where we wanted our two sons, Benjamin and Ambrose to continue to pursue. At first we wanted something fun, to maintain fitness and for the self defense, and Taekwondo has definitely covered all the aspects we expected.
After 7 years with Master Yoo, Benjamin and Ambrose have received their 2nd Dan Black Belts followed closely behind by our youngest son, Christopher also a 2nd Dan ( Junior) Black Belt who joined a few years after.
Over the years, the facilities has improved from a basic to a purposed fit-out centre with good equipment and environment. The Taekwondo Headquarter in Castle Hill has a vast amount of space to allow the students to perform to the best of their abilities. Over the years our sons have come upon many fantastic Masters/instructors with their own special field of expertise. They developed better technic from the masters specialize in their respective field such as Sparring, Patterns and Self Defense. Taekwondo comes with it’s physical values as well with intangible values including confidence and respect just to name 2. Most importantly, they enjoy the sport and the fellowship with the fellow students and masters.

We recommend TKD World to be the gym to get started!

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