Taekwondo World – A great Experience

I would like to thank Master Yoo and all of the instructors at the Taekwondo World Gym – Castle Hill. Both my Son Jack and I enrolled into Taekwondo World at Castle Hill in January 09. We wanted to get Jack interested in a sport that would offer discipline, teach him how to respect people and focus and have fun. At the same time I wanted to be a part of this, I wanted to have something we can do together. Taekwondo World has done that. The family class offered is great fun and Jack loves it. At home we continue training, it’s great.

Jack can give me pointers on where I go wrong.
The great thing with this type of training is there is so much variety, One day we will be doing Grading techniques, then the next day sparing, then the next week Taekwondo dancing, the variety makes the class go quick and keeps it interesting. The adult classes are also filled with Variety but at the same time a great workout. Even after two years I can notice each week, my kicks improving, my fitness level increasing and my stretching getting better.

The recent introduction of the Dance competition and Pattern competition has been great. Unfortunately we missed the Dance competition but when Jack found out about the pattern competition we both trained hard every day and practised together for weeks (Once again Jack could give me some help), at the competition all his hard work paid off and he took first place for the Red belts, this has just given Jack more confidence and interest to keep training hard and work towards his goal of a black belt.

I would recommend Taekwondo World to anyone.

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