We Love Taekwondo World

My husband and myself decided to join our 3 children up at Taekwondo World Castle Hill.
They were not enjoying other sports and we thought this would be something different for them. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!!
Not only are Anthony, Adrian and Alyssa having so much fun, they are also keeping fit and learning something new, which is very good for your brain.
We choose Taekwondo World Castle Hill as it is very clean, bright and airy and there is a huge amount of room. The Instructors are FANTASTIC the kids really learn and have a ball at the same time.

My husband and I saw how much fun the kids were having and everything they were learning so we decided to join up too. Not only do we feel less tired and more fit we have lost some weight as well. I feel better knowing that if my children learn self
defensse they will be able to protect themselves if they ever need to. Master Yoo and his wife Kima re very friendly people and so are the instructors and all the other people doing Taekwondo. The Kids and I really enjoy the family sessions where we all learn Taekwondo together. We have lots of laughs which is also very good for you. We are so glad that we have made Taekwondo World Castle Hill a part of our lives and we recommend it to everyone!

Don’t wait, Join Now……. YOU WILL LOVE IT

Kind Reguards,

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