My husband and I had always wanted our boys to do a martial art but we had no idea which one to choose. After making one phone call and speaking directly with Grandmaster Yoo, I knew I had found the right place for our children to go. He was so helpful and generous with his time explaining to me why TKD World would be so beneficial for our boys and invited us to come to a free lesson to see if the boys would like it. We took our boys that very afternoon to see what they thought and as soon as we walked in the door, we were met warmly by Grandmaster Yoo’s wife, Kim. She knew our names and couldn’t wait to show us the great facilities their Dojang has to offer. Master Shin took the boys for their trial lesson and within seconds they were both hooked and they’ve never looked back.

What is so amazing about TKD World is the philosophy and principles they teach all their members. Our children have learned a lot about self-control, dedication and staying focused. Their self-confidence and belief in themselves has also improved dramatically since they started. We feel that the most valuable lesson that TKD World teaches, is respect – a quality that we feel is lacking in society today.

Tournament-Pic-15-224x300Tournament-Pic-14-200x300The aspect which has been the most beneficial to our boys is the relationships they have formed with the Masters. These amazing teachers have become mentors and incredibly important people in our children’s lives. We feel that with the declining number of male teachers in Australian schools today, boys are lacking good role-models and people they can turn to in times of need outside the home. The Masters are safe people for our children to trust and TKD World is somewhere where our boys can go as often as they like and be surrounded by responsible, compassionate and knowledgeable teachers that bring out the best in our children.

The biggest surprise for my husband and I has been that although we were taking our boys to Taekwondo, we found ourselves really wanting to join as well. Every day we would go and watch our kids have so much fun exercising, that we started thinking that we’d love to do Taekwondo with them. I was very apprehensive about joining in the beginning as I hadn’t done any formal exercise for so many years and wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it. We decided to give it a go and right from the beginning, it was fantastic. We joined immediately and like our kids, my husband and I have never looked back. We are fitter and healthier thanks to TKD World.

TKD World provides so many options for families. Some days the kids do their own class and my husband and I do the senior class and some days we all do the family class together. There are so many classes each day to choose from and each lesson teaches the students something different so you’ll never get bored. The Masters make the lessons so much fun and I love it because it’s a strength training, cardio and flexibility workout all while learning a martial art.

The Masters take the time that is needed to train us properly, all while having a lot of fun. The other members make it great fun as well. We have made so many friends at TKD World which we know we’ll be friends with for life. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it’s such a great environment to train in. We have also loved the social events that we’ve been to with our TKD world friends and it’s great to catch up with each other over a nice meal instead of a punching bag. We’ve also enjoyed family BBQ’s with all the Masters and all the members which we all absolutely loved.

Taekwondo hasn’t just taught our kids important life lessons, it has taught me a lot too. It has taught me to believe in myself and that even a 35 year old Mother of 2 can do it.

Our boys are now red belts and we aren’t far behind them on blue belts and we are all focused on getting our black belts and will continue to train hard until we do.

Thanks again Grandmaster Yoo and everyone at TKD World.

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