Happy Family with Taekwondo

Who would have thought 2 months after our son Oscar joined Taekwondo World my husband and I would also. We really cannot recommend Taekwondo World enough. There are so many benefits in learning Taekwondo we would love to share with everyone our experience.

As soon as you enter Taekwondo World you can feel what a happy and energetic place it is. Grandmaster Yoo, the Masters and other member’s attitude to training as well as the Masters being trained in Korea, really make this a special club that sets it apart.

We have seen our son Oscar change from a shy child who does not like to try anything new to a much more confident child willing to try new things. We can hardly believe he was happy to perform self defense and breaking demonstrations in front of an audience of hundreds of people.

After seeing how much Oscar enjoyed Taekwondo my husband and I also decided to join. This way we can exercise all together in family classes. With our busy lives we did not want to spend more time away from each other to exercise. No more sitting behind the television and being lazy and we are able to set a good example for our son.

It is clear all the Masters love Taekwondo and love children. This is evident by the wonderful relationships we see forming between the Masters and our son Oscar and all the children who attend. The Masters are excellent role models for our son.

Our only regret is that we did not find Taekwondo World years ago.

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