Four boys are training in hurstville

My name is Kostas Kotrolos and I started Taekwondo almost five years ago having gotten my black belt near the end of last year. My time spent studying this martial art was enjoyable although at times could be tiring as I exerted my body to its limits and above. In the years I spent studying under Master Yoo, I became more disciplined, self confident and independent as Taekwondo not only taught me how to defend myself physically but also allowed me to overcome many mental obstacles in my life. By participating in a couple of classes a week, I have gained a sense of self-respect, honour and duty as well as learning the ancient art of shouting. Seeing the enjoyment I was having, my brothers followed in my footsteps, with my two oldest brothers, Harrison and Raphael, joining soon after I signed up and the younger one, Alexander, joining the gang at the end of last year. Unfortunately, I had to quit earlier this year due to my year 12 studies, however, given the chance, I would do it all over again if not just for thrill of it.

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