From TKD WORLD, two school Captains

Leadership is one of the most important qualities in all aspects of life, and we at Taekwondo World embrace this to the fullest. Two of our more outstanding students, Ambrose Teo and Jake Williams, have been able to apply the leadership skills learnt through practicing Taekwondo to their education, consequently gaining the esteemed honour of becoming School Captain’s of Baulkham Hills North Public School in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Ambrose Teo, who captained his school in 2008, has been training since the age of 7, and has now attained his prestigious Black Belt, reflective of his exceptional skill level and leadership qualities gained through his years of training. When asked about how these qualities were vital to his important position, he stated that “to be a role model for the students at Taekwondo […] teaches me to have respect for all others, to be a leader for other school students.” Ambrose then continued to explain about how the sociability gained through Taekwondo is also a significant factor, stating that “making friends helped improve my social life, allowing me to be a more accepting and responsible person” – the foundations of a leadership figure.

Jake Williams is now taking up the position as School Captain of Baulkham Hills North in 2009, and just so happens to be another impressive student of Taekwondo World. He has been training since 2007, at the age of 10, and is currently a Red Belt, merely a few months away from reaching his very own Black Belt. He also attributes his abilities as a leadership figure for his fellow students to Taekwondo, he himself explaining that “the discipline, respect, self-confidence, socialising and meeting new people at Taekwondo have made me a better leader and role model”. The improvement in self-confidence is what Jake cherishes most, as he went on to say that “it helped a lot with talking to, and making presentations in front of, many people”.

In addition to Taekwondo enhancing their leadership abilities, both Ambrose and Jake encourage others to join Taekwondo for the physical benefit of fitness. Both described how their fitness, stamina and flexibility have improved tremendously, Jake in particular stating how his annual Cross-Country Run results have improved remarkably since joining Taekwondo World.

As both Ambrose Teo and Jake Williams will agree with, learning Taekwondo at Taekwondo World strengthens your fitness and personality, and develops your leadership qualities remarkably. It is no mere coincidence that they have both achieved the honour of School Captaincy, and are both members Taekwondo World, partaking in the martial art that enriches the mind, body and soul.

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