Finally, Jordan has black!

My son Jordan was subject to bullying at school. As a result, he had low self esteem and did not want to participate in school or social events. After hearing so many good things about Taekwondo World, we decided that Jordan should give it a go.

In his very first class, Jordan was hesitant and even cried because he did not want to do it. The instructors were very encouraging and eventually persuaded him to join the class. He loved it! It’s hard to believe how far Jordan has come. He enjoys going to the classes every day and made a lot of new friends. He loves learning different patterns, sparring and demonstration training. The instructors are very friendly, encouraging, patient and highly competent.

Taekwondo has made a significant difference in Jordan’s life by giving him confidence, discipline and both mental and physical strength. His school teachers have also noticed that he is more motivated and focused. We are so proud of Jordan’s achievements – at 7 years old, Jordan has earned his black belt and participated in tournaments where he has won numerous trophies. Without a doubt, enrolling him in Taekwondo World has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son and we strongly recommend Taekwondo World to everyone.


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