Jordan’s story as told by his Dad

My son Jordan was having a problem with a bully at school and as a result he was having self esteem issues. We decided that martial arts would be great for him because it will be good for his fitness, discipline and confidence. We were heard many good things about Taekwondo World and so we gave it a go.

Jordan was very hesitant at first and cried on his first taekwondo class. The instructors were very encouraging and eventually persuaded him to join the class and he loved it! Needless to say, he now looks forward to going to his Taekwondo classes.

In the time he has been training with Taekwondo World what a difference it has made! It has given him inner confidence and new ways to handle difficult situations with more composure. Physically his co-ordination, strength and endurance levels have been increased immensely. He told me the other day that when he grows up, he would like to represent Australia in Taekwondo in the Olympics . I have no doubt that he is definitely training in the right place. I recommend Taekwondo World to everyone.

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