Express our gratitude to Grand Master Yoo and his Team of dedicated and passionate Masters

Our children have attended the Castle Hill Taekwondo Club for more than three years, and over that period have excelled physically, emotionally, and academically.

Jasmine’s school grades have improved dramatically. She started off with average grades, and since joining TKD World, her grades have improved each year, and she is now at the top of her class. Jasmine was recently awarded the Principles Award at her school for improvement in academic performance. Taekwondo has given her the focus and confidence to achieve this. After dropping out of dancing and netball, taekwondo is her chosen sport. Jasmine enjoys sparring and patterns, and late last year earned her Black Belt.

My youngest, Ryan, was a habitual night waker, waking every night for weeks without a full night sleep. Under the careful guidance of Master Shin, Ryan’s sleeping has improved and we are are all getting a lot more sleep. Although Ryan has only just started school, he is already ahead in every aspect of learning. He has enjoyed learning some key words, numbers and phrases in Korean, and is very enthusiastic about his sport.

The great Team at Castle Hill have assisted by not only bringing their skills and academic qualifications to the Club, but by being shining examples to our children. Taekwondo World is playing a significant role in the raising of our children, and is a huge part of their life.


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