Building a Strong and Healthy Family with Taekwondo World

Our family has lots to thank you for. Even though our journey to-date with you has only spanned about 3 years, we have seen and felt the benefits of taekwondo and belonging to a fantastic club like Taekwondo World. Our family has grown stronger, healthier, fitter and closer with your help and support.

Our lives have changed forever with the positive influence of our extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Grand Master Yoo and his team of highly skilled, patient and passionate young Masters. We have been impressed and inspired with the nurturing and supportive environment the club has provided to us and our son, Lucas, in learning the art of taekwondo.

150156_414590961921882_1943590388_nHaving to cater to a range of early and late taekwondo learners in our family, Grand Master Yoo is always encouraging while the young Masters show great maturity and emotional intelligence in dealing with not only the mums and dads and other seniors, but little tigers and juniors as well. Even though classes are taught in groups, the Masters always strive to personalise their teachings and advice whenever possible and take interest in our progress. They are warm, down-to-earth and demonstrate great commitment to improving their students’ skills, confidence and instilling respect for one another. The Masters are also highly hands-on in class, from helping students with their positions to putting on chest pads for them. Keep up the great work Masters!

We would also like to commend the club’s philosophy of ensuring everyone has a fair go and incorporating a “you can do it” approach in their teachings. These are values our family absolutely relate and look up to. We also have a young daughter, whom we will definitely enrol when she is old enough as we feel that she will gain tremendously from the positive values that the club promotes.

Another aspect of the club we have found to be outstanding is the gym itself. The club’s gym is bright, airy and well equipped. It is definitely, in our opinion, one of the best taekwondo gyms in town. The gym is able to cater for groups of most sizes. We have always felt safe and comfortable in class with lots of room to stretch and move around even in a large group. This is an important consideration for our family as we realise a conducive and well equipped gym helps facilitate and optimise our learning.

We have also been drawn to the club, and found particularly endearing, is the genuine camaraderie and support we have received from other Taekwondo World members. More senior and experienced members are always eager to help and share their enthusiasm. Everyone we have come across is motivated to keep themselves and their families strong and healthy, no matter what level of fitness they are currently in. The club is like a melting pot, a community, which can pride itself to be an epitome of diversity and inclusion, where people from all walk of life come together to learn and embrace the taekwondo life.

We look forward to many years of association with Taekwondo World, where our children will grow up to be strong, healthy and fit individuals with your support, and parents like us can continue to build on our energy levels and stamina to keep up and for our general well-being.

We thank you Taekwondo World. You have definitely helped us build the foundation of a strong and healthy family.

Warmest regards,

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