Thank you to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords

Thankyou to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords………

We last wrote in 2009 when we started Taekwondo and how we were enjoying the training. Now here we are 2 years later and we have all trained hard to achieve Black Belt level! We are very proud of our son Callum (8yrs), who received his Black Belt in August 2010. He is really enjoying the classes which not only keep him fit but, he is more confident within himself and this has reflected in school work as well. He also participated in the TKD Dancing and Pattern competitons held in 2010.

He came 2nd in the TKD Dancing and 3rd in the Black Belt 1st Dan Pattern competition. He was very excited as were we, all and TKD trophies take pride of place in his bedroom.
My daughter Kendall (11yrs) Richard and myself , all graded for our Black Belts in March 2011 with success and it felt very special and a real achievement on receiving them from Master Yoo. We would like to thank Master Yoo and all the wonderful Masters for their encouragement, support and friendship on our journey in Taekwondo. We all feel a lot healthier and our fitness levels are much better.
Taekwondo is such a great way to keep fit, the classes are fun, interesting and challenging and we have made new friends along the way. Thankyou Taekwondo World.

From Michelle,Richard, Kendall and Callum Sanford.

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