It all started one afternoon while reading the school newsletter, I saw TKD World’s Advertisement. Straight away I picked up the phone and called TKD world Master Yoo told me that we can start anytime, that evening as soon as we entered TKD world everything changed. The Masters are just amazing they have so much patience and they are too good with kids. What can I say about Grand Master YOO he is just fabulous, we are so blessed to have TKD World in Castle Hill.

Ram-1-212x300Both girls love TKD. It is fun to learn and helps to gain confidence and self disciplines. From this they also developed increased concentration and both mental and physical strength. This healthy mind and healthy body from TKD also helped Sonali and Mansi in other areas, such as Sonali won the Youth 2011/12 Female Excellence Award for an outstanding Cricket season for Castle Hill RSL under 10 sides. She was one of the Top Ten Wicket takers in the Hills District. Mansi was able to get a place in school’s year 2 girls dance group. She also had a very successful Cricket season, they have also picked up various academic awards in School. TKD has helped them excel in other areas such as school, and other sports. It has helped them gain awards and developed their mind and physical skills. They both gain a lot of confidence epically Mansi has grown up so much.

Today we are so proud of them, as Sonali was voted for the best student of TKD World Castle Hill on 7th Oct 2012. At only 9 years of age she got 1st place in TKD dance competition, got her 1st Dan Black Belt and was chosen in the TKD World demonstration team for the 25th year Anniversary celebration. Mansi also got her 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 7. Both girls won trophies in TKD World 25th year Anniversary for Sparring, Patterns and Breaking.

TKD helps to focus and concentrate. These are the essential tools for success in anything.We would like to thank TKD World, Master Yoo and the Instructors for all their support and hard work to develop our girl’s abilities and skills. Their confidence has grown and they have also grown as individuals too. Without taekwondo they wouldn’t be as confident, mentally and physically strong girls they are today.

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