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Start a new life with Taekwondo

I started training at Taekwondo World just over 12 months ago with my 7 year old son. I used to love to run and go to the gym but spent the last 5 years pushing a stroller or walking at toddler pace. I love playing outdoors with my children but still the weight crept on.

I tried going back to the gym but found it too boring. I tried running again, but I had too much pain in my hips and feet. Then, I walked into Taekwondo World at Castle Hill. Immediately I felt at home.

So 12 months ago I started training with their amazing Masters (whose skill has to been seen to be believed). At first I was totally hopeless (really). I was 39, never tried Martial Arts, was overweight, inflexible and unfit. From the beginning, physically and mentally it was really tough. Sometimes even painful but every day it is fun. Along with the other students, we are like one big family and I love it.

It is hard to express how challenging this journey has been so far. I used to be fit & healthy, but kids slow you down and you hardly notice the effect this has on your health. I’d suffered with a painful coccyx for a few years and fallen arches in my feet that were so painful even walking barefoot was agony. I really was falling apart. Then, during my last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes, which wrecked my metabolism & takes such a physical toll on your body. It was a great reminder that my health needed to come first.

The changes have been slow, but are lasting. I am still frustrated looking at the scales, they have hardly moved but I have dropped 2 dress sizes. Most amazing is that my hips and coccyx are no longer painful. The arches in my feet have re-formed from training barefoot. I even prefer thongs or being barefoot to trainers (which I know are the reason for my sore feet). I am stronger, faster, more flexible and full of energy.

I love the hard work, I love getting fit, I love challenging my body to do new things, some of which I never thought I’d be able to do. Learning Taekwondo is very much a ‘work in progress’ & I know there is always so much more to learn, to practise, and to perfect. Finally seeing the results of my hard work is my reminder never to give up & its never too late to try something new.

So thank you Master Incheol Yoo and Kim at Taekwondo World for being so welcoming and accommodating to everyone from complete beginners to those who are still perfecting their art. A special thanks to those remarkable Masters who have pushed me to work harder, to be better, faster and stronger. Its working. Taekwondo – I love it!

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