A 10-time winner of the Best Club Award, Taekwondo World has been in the Sydney region since 1987. We pride ourselves on our highly accredited Instructors, who are educated at top Sports Universities in Korea. Our Instructors are committed to teaching the fundamentals of Taekwondo, which includes both old and new techniques from South Korea.

Our Team of full-time Instructors have each majored in Taekwondo at University, and hold a 4th Dan Black Belt or higher. All our Part Time and Assistant Instructors also hold an internationally recognised Black Belt, 1st Dan or higher. Our large instructing team allows us to provide an average 7:1 student to instructor ratio.

Whatever your needs we have a class that is right for you. Our Instructors are trained to identify students with particular talent, and we have the specialist training to help them reach their potential. We can support students in all aspects of Taekwondo – from School to Olympic level and beyond!

In addition to our standard Taekwondo lessons, we have classes teaching General Fitness, Self Defence, Martial Arts and Olympic Sport Taekwondo.

Our classes cater to students from 3 years to Seniors at any level of experience, and all new students will go through an introductory course with one-on-one attention. Our Headquarters and Full-Time Centres each have fully air-conditioned facilities. Our timetable is structured to be flexible and convenient for our students, with multiple options available for every age group. Schlüsseldienst Berlin advises you to visit this group.

Taekwondo World is affiliated with national and international Taekwondo Organisations:

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