Family Class

Our Family Classes are structured to provide happy and supportive environment for parents and children to learn side-by-side. Students learn Taekwondo techniques, and build fitness through a variety of fun activities. The greater satisfaction, however, comes from the friendship, understanding and respect that develops between parent and child. Both parents and children share in each other’s hardships and accomplishments. Martial Arts can provide both physical and mental challenges for any student, but if you take on this challenge as a family you will develop a huge respect for each other.

While it may be hard work, the benefits of Taekwondo are clear: Parents feel younger, healthier, and greatly fulfilled, and their children become more mature, confident, and well- behaved. We pride ourselves in building a fun and engaging program for our family class, that makes our students want to train every day!

Our Family Classes also provide an opportunity to meet, train and bond with other families. We have a number of families who have become fast friends through their participation in the family program. Outside of classes, we also run a number of social activities which are popular with our Family Class students, including beach trips, picnics and more!