Black Belts

At Taekwondo World we believe that a Black Belt is more than just a belt, it is a way of life. Black Belt is not the final stage of your Taekwondo journey; rather it is the first step to achieving your full potential.

Our Black Belt classes are fast-paced and high energy classes that aim to push student to achieve their peak performance. Taekwondo World has an extensive Black Belt curriculum that introduces a wide range of martial arts skills including MMA, Yongmoodo, Hapkido and Kick-boxing.

Our Black Belt classes are exclusive to those students who have achieved their Black Belt and wish to extend their skills in Taekwondo. The Black Belt program helps students strive to achieve their potential. We can provide training and support for students in all aspects of martial arts, and at all stages, from Club to Olympic level and beyond.

Achieving your black belt at Taekwondo World helps to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Our students know that they have achieved an outstanding life goal when they first receive their black belt, and look forward to entering our black belt exclusive classes to further their knowledge of martial arts.

Black Belt Classes run at our Castle Hill and Hurstville Branches.