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Why Choose Taekwondo World?
10 Things that our students say set us apart from other schools…

Taekwondo World

Qualifications and Specialisations

Our Grand Master, Master Incheol Yoo, is a 9th Dan Black belt and the highest ranked Black Belt in Australia.

All of our Head Instructors have majored in Taekwondo at top Korean universities, allowing us to teach original Taekwondo straight from Korea, and all our Instructors and Assistant Instructors hold an internationally recognised Black Belt.

Small Class Sizes

We have up to 10 full-time Instructors available, who all hold Black Belts of 4th Dan or higher along with University qualifications majoring in Taekwondo.

We also have a number of part-time or Assistant Instructors. These Assistant Instructors hold Internationally Recognised Black Belts, 1st Dan or higher.

The large number of qualified Instructors available at our centre ensures that each class can be divided into smaller classes to allow personal attention for each student. Parents and Students alike appreciate the impressive Teacher:Student ratios at our centres.

Size and Facilities – High-Quality Equipment

We have one of the largest, highest quality full-time facilities of all Taekwondo dojangs in Australia, with 3 full time centres across Sydney. We also have a number of smaller, part-time branches available, as well as school programs running at top schools in the Sydney region. All our full-time facilities are fully air conditioned, with parking and parents waiting rooms also available.

Our classes use high quality specialised Martial Arts equipment. Each piece of equipment is regularly inspected to ensure student safety, and updated as necessary.

Our students enjoy the equipment used in classes as it allows instructors to vary their lessons and assist developing Taekwondo Skills.

Flexibility of Timetable

Each of our locations offers a variety of classes tailored to various ages and belt levels. This enables our students to choose any class suitable for their level at times that are suitable to their schedule, for one fortnightly fee.


Our school is like a family. Instructors know students by name, and we run regular social activities outside of classes, including beach trips, demonstrations and our annual Christmas Dinner. Many of our students have built lasting friendships through our classes, and children find it easy to build friendships with their peers due to our small class sizes.

Black Belt Support

We offer specialised Black Belt classes, to ensure our Black Belt Students have the opportunity for continued progression beyond 1st Dan. Students in these classes will learn a variety of skills, and have exclusive access to restricted equipment. Our Black Belt students are also invited to join our Demonstration Team.

Affiliation with National and International Associations

Our school is affiliated with Australian Taekwondo, the nation body for Taekwondo in Australia. We are also affiliated with Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, and our Black Belt students are certified for life by World Taekwondo (formerly the World Taekwondo Federation). This ensures that our classes teach the correct form of Taekwondo for various events, including the Olympic Games.


Our school is extremely aware of the safety needs of our students at all times during lessons. All equipment used has been checked for suitability. All of our protective gear used by students has been approved for use in Taekwondo by the World Taekwondo Federation. Each Centre has at least one fully qualified First Aider on the floor at all times. We closely monitor all students, particularly during our sparring classes, to prevent and minimise any injuries.


Our school teaches a range of martial arts incorporated into our lessons, including Yongmoodo, Judo, Kendo, Boxing and MMA. These skills are taught to an age and ability appropriate audience, and are practiced in a controlled, safe environment.

Reputation and Community Membership

Our School participates in a number of local events, including the Orange Blossom Festival, Rouse Hill Santa Parade and various school fairs. We also have a reputation for excellence and hard work in the local community, and always strive to bring a positive influence.

On Thursday 11th October 2012, MP Alex Hawke (Member for Mitchell electorate) said:
“This is a remarkable Australian success story too. Seeing all those families participating—the young children with their parents learning self-discipline, concentration, a martial art and fitness on the weekend—was quite inspiring... I congratulate him, his wife and his team for being a valued part of our Mitchell community. They often participate in displays at our annual Hills Orange Blossom Festival and in open air taekwondo lessons around our community. It is certainly a great business that trains and develops bonds between parents and children and develops great people in a martial art.
I also did a martial art when I was a young person. It certainly benefited me. I can understand the benefit gained by many young people in their discipline, training and fitness. After 25 years of great success—this club has been awarded club of the year in Australia for around a decade in the 2000s; almost every year this club achieves that pinnacle within Australia—we recognise Grandmaster In Cheol Yoo, his masters and all the parents and families that participate in this great sport and also this great success story of yet another migrant adding to the great fabric
of Australian success. They come from all over the world. There is a great relationship between Australia and Korea in terms of trade and diplomacy, but there are also many hidden success stories with individual migrants coming to this country, establishing a great life, building a great business and passing on a value-added cultural asset to our country.” Schlüsseldienst Bremen recommends visiting this section with children.

To find out more about our prestigious school and its many qualifications and standards, please feel free to contact us.

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