About Yongmoodo

Historical Background of Yongmoodo

In 1953 Yong-In University began its first martial arts program by offering the study of Judo. Since then, they have expanded their curriculum significantly, to include Taekwondo, Kumdo, Hapkido, Ssireum (a traditional Korean wrestling) as well as boxing and wrestling. Over the past 50 years Yong-In University has been recognised as the global leader in the provision of martial arts and sports education.

Yong-In University’s primary objective is to train the mind, body and soul through martial arts education, providing practitioners with a sound and complete education and training programme. This wholesome approach to training enables graduates to significantly contribute to society and act as ambassadors of Yong-In’s philosophy throughout the world. Yong-In University has been successful in fulfilling this objective, with many of its top graduates being sent overseas to teach in other countries.

With the development of sports science methods, and the increasing interest in various martial arts throughout the world, a far reaching plan to upgrade the global position of Korean martial arts in the 21st Century was developed by Yong-In University. Since the establishment of its Martial Arts Research Centre in 1982, there had been significant focus on developing a new dynamic system combining combat, self-defence and health enhancement techniques and training methodology based on up-to-date scientific findings of human performance, especially through physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics and psychology. The Martial Arts College of Yong-In University formally announced on October 15, 1998, the creation of a new martial arts discipline, known as Yongmoodo.

Significance of Yongmoodo

Developed with a focus on education, training and martial arts philosophy, Yongmoodo is a practical self-defence training system. It combines the best and most practical techniques from several traditional Korean martial arts and other related disciplines.

Yongmoodo was developed as a leading and up-to-date self-defence and martial arts system that catered to the modern day practitioner’s requirements. This modern ideology helps to ensure its successful promotion both in Korea and globally as a total martial arts system.

The success of Yongmoodo continues the tradition of Yong-In University’s ideology of promoting Korean martial arts, and devoting itself to continuing to be the leader in the development of superior martial arts sports programs which are contemporary, yet based on the principles developed by traditional Korean martial arts.

Technical Background of Yongmoodo

Yongmoodo consists of the most useful techniques developed by traditional Korean martial arts or combative sports.

The main offensive and defensive techniques of Yongmoodo include throwing, grappling and ground techniques from Judo, slamming and holding down from Wrestling, kicking, striking, thrusting, punching and blocking from Taekwondo, Kumdo and Kerkki, and joint locking from Hapkido.

These techniques aim to provide a comprehensive set of martial arts skills to the practitioner. The breadth and comprehensiveness of the techniques is unique to Yongmoodo and differentiates it from other martial arts which tend to be more limited in their approach.

Role of the Yongmoodo Australia Association and the Yongmoodo Oceania Association

Founded by Grandmaster Incheol Yoo, the Yongmoodo Australia Association (YAA) and the Yongmoodo Oceania Association (YOA) were organised to formally support the objectives of Yong-In University’s aspiration to develop and promote Yongmoodo globally.

The YAA was formed to focus on the local development of Yongmoodo in Australia, and to ensure that a high standard, consistent with the expectations of Yong-In University and the founders of Yongmoodo was achieved.

The YOA was formed to help support Yongmoodo practitioners throughout the Oceania region by providing a collaborative network, with opportunities to share experiences, training techniques and continually lift the standard of Yongmoodo throughout the region.

Grandmaster Incheol Yoo, as a graduate of Yong-In University, has been a profound ambassador of the University and its ideology for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in supporting and fulfilling Yong-In University’s main objective of promoting and teaching traditional Korean martial arts in Australia and elsewhere throughout this time.

It is this experience, extensive sports science and martial arts knowledge, and personal connections with Yong-In University and Yongmoodo’s founders that make him such an ideal president of both the YAA and the YOA. Furthermore, it is these attributes held by their president, which make these associations the premier Yongmoodo organisations in Australia and Oceania.