Junior Class (5-12 yrs)

At Taekwondo World, we firmly believe that the lessons of Taekwondo are immensely beneficial for our students of all ages, but particularly those in our Junior Classes.

Curriculum Content:

Our junior classes cover the following points

  • Physical Fitness and conditioning
  • Agility and Co-ordination
  • Sportsmanship, attitude and discipline
  • Self-defence and Taekwondo Techniques, including Olympic sport rules
  • Each of our Junior classes is internally separated into Belt Levels, with each Instructor taking a small group of 2-10 students for the duration of the class. This specialised attention allows students to focus on their progression, and allows Instructors to better teach the required skills for each level. Our Instructors are also highly qualified, and able to teach any level through to Black Belt and beyond.

    Our Team use the lessons of Taekwondo to help teach your child to set goals, work in a disciplined manner, and strive for success in their endeavours. An education in Taekwondo instils both confidence and humility. It teaches children to treat others with respect, but also to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Martial Arts is one of the best ways to train your children to be physically and mentally strong.

    The key focus areas for our Junior Classes are:


    Fitness is a crucial element to our classes, especially those for our Junior students. Students build fitness with jumping jacks, push-ups and stretching, as well as through their Taekwondo Techniques. Taekwondo is an excellent way to build muscular strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular health.

    Self Defence

    The ability to defend oneself is an empowering feeling, particularly for children. Our Taekwondo Classes teach basic self-defence techniques through the entire program. The precise methods may vary, but you can be certain that with regular practice your children will be learn to defend themselves in a variety of ways. We also teach street-smart and conflict-avoidance techniques to our students to help avoid problems such as bullying.


    Taekwondo is a disciplined Martial Art. Our classes help to sharpen students’ mental focus, giving them the ability to concentrate and complete tasks. The discipline that is taught in our Dojang covers uniforms, manners and techniques, and is often extended into other areas of students lives, including school and household responsibilities.


    A major focus of all Taekwondo traditions is respect. All physical techniques are held as secondary to the respect that is to be shown from the moment you enter the Dojang. Our Instructors regularly emphasise respect for self, peers, parents and teachers. Children learn to show respect to their Instructors with a bow, and learn respect for their peers through classes and sparring.


    Time and Time again we have seen shy students clinging to their parents during their first lessons, and blossom into wonderful young people as they persevere and progress towards their Black Belt and beyond. Each child involved in our classes is given the opportunity to participate in our Belt Progressions. This system of coloured belt rankings gives students an attainable goal to strive towards, and as they reach each level, students feel a sense of accomplishment that follows them through all aspects of their life. Our Instructors teach through positive re-enforcement, providing encouragement to students as they attempt each new skill and technique, which further builds each child’s confidence.

    At TKD World, by teaching your child to succeed in Taekwondo, we better prepare them for all the challenges they will face in life.

    Our Junior Classes are available at all of our Operating Locations.