Self Defence for Women

Why is Self Defence for Women applicable?

There is some controversy over whether martial arts, now mostly practiced as a competitive sport, are appropriate for self defence. But of course the sporting aspect and other aspects are not neatly divided categories. Many aspects of sporting martial arts, such as avoiding and blocking an opponent’s strikes, are very useful for defence when attacked. At the same time the situations are different.

Fights outside of the dojang have no rules or scoring systems. The attacker just wants to incapacitate you, and they are not particular in how they do it. Women’s self defence can certainly help reduce, if not avoid injury. But more importantly they can teach individuals how to respond intuitively and keep their head clear during a crisis. Individuals never know how they will respond under extreme pressure, but training can help. Individuals used to the adrenaline of a crisis situation will learn to deal with it. This given them a better chance or responding well to an attack, and give them a better chance of perhaps outwitting an assailant if the cannot physically overcome them.

Comments about Self Defence for Women Sydney

  • Reasoning with your attacker is often futile. They may be intoxicated, unbalanced or affected by drugs. If they were a sane person they wouldn’t be a threat. Sometimes reasoning works, but not often.
  • Catching the opponent off guard can help. If you stay clearheaded you can make the best of an opportunity.
  • Learning to deal with the adrenaline rush is quite possibly the most important aspect of self defence.
  • Street fights have no rules, and the attacker won’t respect you; they are probably in a panic themselves. Fights also tend to be over in a matter of seconds. Self defence can teach individuals reflex actions, necessary for such threatening situations.

Self Defence for Women Sydney Legal Situation

A less thought of aspect of self defence is injury to the opponent. The situation varies according to the country and state, but the victim of an attack is only justified to respond in an appropriate manner – they are not free to injure the attacker beyond the threat the attacker imposes upon them. Self defence can help us incapacitate an attacker without inflicting permanent harm. This will prevent serious legal ramifications later on.