Karate for Kids Sydney

Karate for Kids Sydney

There are benefits to children learning a martial art like karate. Some of these benefits are the same as learning any sport – the child has social interaction with peers, learns to be competitive with ideas of good sportsmanship, the child can gain confidence in witnessing their own progress, the child learns some discipline. But we believe that a martial art has additional benefits. Self defence is a fairly obvious benefit, all the better if you can defend yourself without injuring your assailant. Dealing with stress and adrenalin in a crisis is another benefit.

Things to consider for Karate classes for Kids Sydney:

  • The teacher and the school may be more important that the particular martial art being taught. Consistency and interaction with others is important. But we have both taekwondo or Karate to choose from, and a few other options like wrestling.
  • A good instructor should be able to connect with the child, and be able to handle children in a group. There is more to teaching than being a skilled practitioner. A few practitioners are poor teachers. Some individuals can teach children as well, teaching adult students.
  • Martial Arts like Karate and Taekwondo that emphasises respect for parents and authority figures will be beneficial for many children, especially if individual child has a problem in this area. Children learn that the teacher is there to help the child improve, and to keep things organized. Many sports do this to some extent, but martial arts does it more than most others.
  • Martial arts instruction often has the effect of reducing bullying within its ranks, in contrast to the Hollywood stereotypes. Competitors in a fight identify with their opponent, and tends to stop them from seeing others as an enemy. Rivalry is friendly competition, different from the desire to conquer and control.
  • The physical skills from Martial Arts can help a child avoid accidents in many situations. Goal orientation is important in Martial Arts. This is encouraging for children.
  • Motivation is a tricky thing, But Martial arts can motivate many children.
  • Children learn the mental aspect of anything is at least as important as the physical. Competitive martial arts fights help the child deal with adrenalin and stress. This is important, and often the overlooked issue in a life threatening situation.

Karate classes for Kids Sydney

Martial art classes can benefit a child for character development and physical development.  We have classes for all age groups.shutterstock_96292529

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