Improving Karate and other Martial Arts

Private Karate Lessons Sydney

One on one training has always been useful in any discipline. Just getting feedback and correction is enough reason to justify a private lesson or two. The lessons are costly, but you will improve much faster. The cost is at least partly offset by the fact you will benefit more from your regular lessons.

Seminars and Camps

Perhaps the opposite approach to private lessons, but this is very different to regular classes. You learn from a different teacher, you interact with different people; you won’t get stuck in a routine. And you tend to get quite a lot from one weekend away.

Teaching Karate

Ok, this presumes you have some level of competence, but teaching others can help us learn. Teaching helps puts things in perspective.

One problem is that beginners can pick up mistakes from the instructor There is a tradition of professors often teaching the introductory tertiary class, partly to prevent the beginners acquiring misconceptions, but also to let the teacher keep some perspective. All teacher benefit when they remember what it was like to acquire these skill the first time; they remember that the subject does not exist in a vacuum. Teaching reinforces the foundations of knowledge.

Martial Arts Books

One issue with books is finding the good ones. Recommendations help; read Amazon reviews. Then there is sustaining motivation. Many of us steadfastly read the first two chapters and run through the exercises, then a week later we just end up watching television.

The cost of a book is often less than a lesson or two. And even if you only get a few solid ideas out of a book it was worth the price. If you already have some martial arts competence the book might add a few good ideas.

On line Karate Training.

If you already have the internet, and most of us do, it doesn’t cost anything to look up some instructional advice. Again, there is good advice and mediocre, so finding the worthwhile karate videos is a hassle. But this is far better than 99% of the time we spend surfing the net. If you find a good site, tell us about it. Again, this is often best when you already have a substantial martial arts foundation to build on.

Group Karate lessons Sydney, 

Tradition learning takes place in classes. It is a tradition for a good reason, it works quite well. Class size varies with the subject, but having other students present will help many individuals learn, and it is obviously less expensive than private lessons.

Two or three lesson a week seem optimal. Doing more does not speedup the learning process. Combining a few group classes with the occasional private lesson can be a good option for many.

Karate for kids Sydney

Just about anything is learnt better when we are younger. Kids do well with martial arts. It is at least as good as any other sport, and if it teaches discipline


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