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Does Martial Art Training encourage Children to be more aggressive?

We believe not. That it has the opposite effect. Discipline, progressive skill development and personal insight will help to make people more balanced, and less likely to provoke aggression. Martial arts will not promote aggression any more than other sports. Even individuals initially attracted to the perceived aggression quickly change their minds.

Does violence get aggression out of my system?

This is a myth, sometimes termed catharsis, or at least mislabeled catharsis. Some people call it ‘ventilation theory’. Acting on aggression only reinforces violent behavior, which is a vicious cycle. Violence is only useful when we are violently attacked, and even then marital arts are used to minimize injury to both parties. No professional psychologist believes that violence gets ‘aggression out of the system’.

Catharsis, which is confused with ventilation theory, is an ancient literary theory. It proposes the idea that observing somebody else’s emotion journey, perhaps through a film, play or novel, allows us to gain some insight into ourselves as if we underwent the experience ourselves. This is totally different to acting on violent thought, which is foolish.
Do women and girls take a Martial Arts class?

Yes, many quite often do. Some even compete at Professional and Olympic levels.

Is there an age limit?

We often see children as young as three train quite successfully. Many older individuals also take classes, largely to keep physically and mentally alert. We have yet to find an upper age limit.

Does every student compete in tournaments?

Not at all, most people don’t compete. Those who do enter tournaments tend to take some different classes.
Competition has some advantages. It helps us deal with stress and adrenaline. This is very useful in a crisis situation; the first time we experience an Adrenalin dump we react in an unpredictable way. But if we have grown used to this type of thing over time then we handle a crisis much better.

Is martial Arts like way it is portrayed in the films?

Film is very misleading, full of half-truths. But the thing that often most attracts us to films is the emotional journey of the main character. If you are looking for some personal triumph you will find martial arts quite rewarding. Training and achievement is an emotional journey, even if it is not as stylized as a film might suggest.

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