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What we Wish we had Known

We learn a lot when we start something new, partly because we have so much to learn in the new subject, partly because the new subject forces us to open our eyes to new possibilities. When we look back the new things we learnt will seem obvious. But of course they weren’t obvious at the time. If we already knew we wouldn’t be there to learn about it all.

A few things that we wish we could have seen at the time.

  • Be ready to learn at all times. Constantly adding 1% will eventually lead to impressive abilities. Sometimes many months of frustration suddenly gives away to rapid improvement.
  • Replace bad habits with good ones. This can be the thing that holds us back.  Standing the right way might be necessary for the right kick. Breathing the right way means more energy and clarity of thought.
  • Focus on the positive. Look at negative things as something we can potentially overcome.
  • Stretching makes for better performance and less muscle ache afterwards. Stretch before and after training
  • Doing is better than thinking. This is not to say that we shouldn’t watch and learn from others, or to say that we shouldn’t think about a good approach. But actually doing and experiencing these things is the main part of learning.
  • Quality equipment is a good investment. A foam roller is cheap and prevents muscle problems.

Taekwondo The Ponds

 Make some progress in Martial Arts and improve your life, both mentally and physically. Look back and see how far you have come.

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