A Very Proud Day in Our Family‏

As you would be aware today my 7 ½ year old son Declan graded for Black Belt. To see him go through his grading techniques, patterns and sparing was a very proud moment for our young family.
It seems hard to image that just 3 years ago when he started in Little Tigers as a shy and nervous little boy, that he would today stand alone to face his challenges, still nervous yet confident and focused. During this time he has learnt and used many fine qualities which will serve him well into the future.
He has shown great persistence and focus to learn the 8 patterns and all the associated punching and kicking techniques. He has shown courage to be able to overcome his fear at breaking the boards. Today he showed no hesitation to stand up and spare despite the mismatch between the 2 boys. I thank Master Yoo and Instructors for giving him the opportunity to experience these qualities and to be able to put them into action on a regular basis.
As you know, my 4 ½ year old daughter Regan has also this year commenced training and already is focused on emulating her brothers feats. To see them training together and truly sharing each others achievements is strengthening their bond and giving them something that they can share together always.
I also appreciate greatly the opportunity to be able to share as a family their progress through the grades. The videos and pictures we have taken are already treasured memories. Even tonight as we celebrated with dinner, we replayed them over and over again reliving every moment.
I know that for Declan this journey has only begun and that he has much more to learn and to understand, but from what he has learnt and what I have seen I have great confidence that he can achieve more.

Thanks you again for giving him (and our family) this opportunity

Thanks & Regards

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