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Is Taekwondo Good for Self Defence?


Self Defence for Kids Sydney

There is some debate whether Taekwondo training or other martial arts are useful for self defense. This seems odd as almost all martial arts started as military techniques, which would seem the very thing for defending ourselves. But others argue that modern martial arts have become sports rather than serious combat systems, so they have little use in a legitimate fight. There is a partial truth to the idea that the modern martial arts are more orientated towards competition, but this need not mean that they have lost their edge when it comes to self-defence.

Karate and Kung-fu have tended to stick more to their traditional roots than other martial arts, even as Karate has branched off into many different school. Some individual fighters and training schools combine different martial arts to maximize their lethal ability Taekwondo seems to fall between these two extremes.

Modern Taekwondo does emphasis sports competition, being able to kick the opponent to gain points. But a large part of this is being able to avoid or block your opponents attack. This is always a useful skill (or set of skills) in any fight.
Of course in a street fight your opponent will not fight fair, and will not stick to the rules, even if they do have some martial arts training. It might be a sight disadvantage if we expect them to attach us as a competitive fighter would. On the contrary, they will always do something unexpected.

Yet the often overlooked aspect of street fights is our emotional reaction. A fight is not something we were anticipating, and the Adrenalin rush from a confrontation can easily render us unable to fight. Martial arts training, especially if we have engaged in regular competition, is a considerable help if we have to deal with a surprise attach and the huge hit of Adrenalin. This alone, being able to keep our wits, can make all the difference in a fight.

The fact that marital arts like Taekwondo is still taught in the military shows that has considerable merit for real fights. Being able to block an opponents attack is reason enough to learn Taekwondo. Being able to deal with stressful situations is also a huge benefit.

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A Martial arts class will make a big difference to your life. Hopefully we will never be in a situation where we need to defend ourselves, but sometimes we have no choice. But even if we manage to avoid confrontation the discipline, exercise and sense of achievement we get from progressing with Taekwondo, karate or any martial arts can make for a more fulfilling experience of life.

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