Stress Myths and Thoughts

Stress Comes from the Circumstances You are in:

Partially true; but it’s really about your thoughts and how you deal with the circumstances. The fact that different people respond differently to the same circumstance is evidence for this.

Stress Motivates Us:

Well, it can. Again, it is how we are dealing with the situation. There are far better motives for achieving goals than stress. But getting past the cause of the stress is one possible motive for action.

Stress is stimulation – we need it somehow:

Again, there are better forms of stimulation than stress. The idea that we would be lethargic without stress is highly misleading. Children have minimal stress and great curiosity, yet they are highly active.

Stress is being busy, or too busy:

Well, being too busy often is stressful. But being busy can sometimes be enjoyable. Getting nowhere is stressful, even if we are not as busy. Being very busy and getting nowhere is probably the worst stress combination.

Getting your frustration out is a way to deal with stress.

A very misleading idea often called (or mislabelled) catharsis. Just being angry because of stress is a poor solution, it only teaches us how easy it is to get angry. The same goes for hitting inanimate objects. We might superficially feel better at first because we are too tired to maintain our anger, and at least we are not denying the existence of the problem. But at the end of the day nothing is solved and we won’t feel any better.

Triumphing over an obstacle, or resolving a conflict, or even watching a film that is similar to our predicament, will help us feel better. Acting like a frustrated child will not.

Martial Arts only helps you when you are physically threatened.

Martial arts will help in everyday life if only by making you fitter. But as competitive martial art helps you overcome obstacles and deal with stress it is a great help, because we deal with stress and obstacles every day.

Marital Art School – Karate and Taekwondo

Training in martial arts is beneficial in learning how to deal with stress. Part of this is the competition, duels with others. We learn to keep our heads in a crisis, and that the crisis soon passes, and we can be okay even if it is not a complete triumph.

Individuals who learn taekwondo or karate for self-defence have noted that the mental benefits are more important than the physical skills. The adrenaline dump of a serious conflict can truly ruin us, and it is very difficult to prepare for this. But participating in martial arts competition does more for accommodating the adrenaline than any training. This is one of the better way to deal with stress.Kids Main

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