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It would be nice to be motivated all the time, or motivated for things that we know are supposed to be important. But we’re human and some days we just don’t feel motivated at all, even for activities that previously seemed exciting. Yet there are ways to find the energy in yourself, and to get on with things and form some good habits in the process.

– Just get started. Almost everybody has had the experience of trying to distract themselves from something important by doing the gardening or answering emails. The hard part is taking the first few steps.

– Make a To-Do list. Break down the activity into smaller part if you wish. Get some easier parts and some harder parts done first, and fell some satisfaction and motivation you cross them off the list.

– Publically committing to goals makes a difference. We don’t want to look like failures in front of others.

– Find a location that suits the work. Many people can’t study in bed, but they will study if they go to the library. Some people find they automatically start reading if they go to the internet café or coffee shop. When you arrive at the sports oval or dojo you may well feel like you want to play some sport of start some more 
martial arts training.

– Put on the suit. Just putting on the sport gear or martial art uniform can get you into the right frame of mind.

– Music motivates many people. This can vary from baroque or New Age music for quiet study, to dance music and rock for aerobics and sport.

– Prepared sleep. The things we think about when we are waiting to fall asleep will tend to be in our mind the next day. If we thing about things we need to get done, visualizing if possible, then this can help motivate us when we wake.

– Eat well. Healthy food makes a difference to our energy levels. A single cup of coffee isn’t a bad idea.

– Look at the big picture. The activity is part of your life. Understand that this is one of many things that you do. We somehow do better if we are not focusing in a narrow way.

– Lateral thinking helps if there is problem solving involved. Ask yourself if there is another way to do this or to achieve the same end.

Martial arts Sydney

Being active, healthy, pursuing a goal and seeing some good results helps us feel alive and motivated. Consider some ongoing martial arts training, and engage life more fully.

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