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Arriving in Australia in 1987, Master Yoo started a Taekwondo School in Hurstville and Castle Hill. Under Master Yoo’s supervision and tutelage, Taekwondo World has grown to 3 Full-Time Centres, 2 Part-Time Branches and 10 school outreach programs, along with extra-curricular activities.

In his many years of teaching in Australia, Master Yoo has coached thousands of students, who have fallen in love with Taekwondo. We are now seeing 2nd and 3rd Generation students come through our doors, and learn under the same tutelage as their parents and grandparents before them.

To this day, Master Yoo’s goal is to promote health and wellbeing in all of our students through the practice of Taekwondo’s philosophical values. These values of respect, restraint, commitment, strength, patience and loyalty are imparted to all our students, from what we call our Little Tigers to our Adults.
Master Yoo’s Qualifications and Experience Include:

9th Dan Black Belt from the Kukkiwon – This is the highest level of any Black Belt in Australia, and is among the highest ranks available to members of the World Taekwondo Federation.

Over 50 years experience as a Taekwondo Instructor in Korea and Australia, including coaching 2 World Champions and 20 National Champions. 35 years as a National and International World Taekwondo Federation-recognised referee.

Masters Degree, Diploma and PhD in Physical Education, Majoring in Taekwondo.
Attended Yong- In University, a prestigious Korean university that specialises in producing Taekwondo Master Instructors.

Currently an Honorary Professor at Chungbuk Health and Science University in Korea

Throughout his career, Master Yoo has also held a number of important roles in the national and international Taekwondo community.

Grand Master