Yeol “Gary” Son


Yeol “Gary” Son

Master Son (also known as Master Gary) has been a much-loved Instructor at Taekwondo World since 2011. His experience includes 15 years of instructing various ages and levels, including a period of teaching in the Republic of Korea army. During his military service, Master Son was a member of the Army Taekwondo Demonstration Team.

Master Son has participated and co-ordinated over 300 Taekwondo Demonstrations and seminars across several countries. As an athlete, he has also had a number of podium finishes in national Taekwondo competitions in Korea, including 1st place at the University Association Taekwondo Competition. In addition to his 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, Master Son also holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

As a dedicated Instructor, Master Son is always looking for ways to improve the learning experience of our students. His experience as an Instructor at our school has included working with students who have a variety of difficulties, including ADHD and Autism. Master Son perpetually strives to ensure students not only learn but enjoy Taekwondo, by building a variety of programs, including the School Holiday Clinic.

Master Son is a versatile Instructor who is able to teach both children and adults with ease, and focuses on the needs of each student individually. He consistently strives to ensure that the students he teaches have an understanding of the values of Taekwondo; respect, discipline, and attitude, and that they practice these values outside of class time as well.
Master Son currently instructs at our Castle Hill Headquarters.