Suyeon Yoo

Master Suyeon Yoo is a graduate of Yongin University, and has 15 years of Taekwondo experience, and 12 years of competition experience. She received a full scholarship for her studies at Yongin University as a top athlete.
Master Suyeon is a professional Taekwondo Athlete, and before joining us at Taekwondo World she competed with the Jeju Pro Taekwondo Team. She currently holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, along with a number of national and international competition titles.
These include 3rd Place at the 2015 Universiade (International Uni Games) in Gwangju, and 3rd Place at the 2017 Korea Open Taekwondo Championship. She has competed and placed in over 20 national competitions in Korea.
Master Suyeon has an International Instructor Certificate from Kukkiwon. She has previously been a visiting Instructor at Taekwondo World, and is happy to have joined our Team permanently. Master Suyeon has always looked up to her uncle, Grand Master Yoo, and hopes to learn from him as she teaches at Taekwondo World.

Master Suyeon is a regular instructor at our Castle Hill Headquarters, as well as instructing our Tournament Sparring (Gyeorugi) classes.