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Common questions about Taekwondo.

Some common questions about Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Cherrybrook

Are there different forms of TWD?
To a certain degree, yes there are different forms. But less so than other Martial Arts.
Taekwondo is largely standardized, so you will learn the same techniques in every school, except North Korea where the practice is different.

But there is variation between martial arts that are designed foe competitive sports, or for self defense, or for military combat. Taekwondo for sports will not encourage any lethal techniques, or target vulnerable parts of the opponent’s body, even though the basic martial art techniques are similar. Self defense techniques are very similar in all taekwondo, but there maybe additional defensive moves against military opponents.

The WTF (world Taekwondo Federation) standardized Taekwondo generations ago. The ITF (in North Korean) is the only real exception to this.
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Is Taekwondo effective in a street fight?

The short answer is yes. It is a lot better than no training at all. You will have a much better chance of fending off your attacker and avoiding serious injury. Importantly, you should be better able to handle the stress of the situation. This is often overlooked, but a confrontation on the street will cause a huge Adrenalin spike, and this makes it very hard to keep a clear head. But it helps considerably if you are use to competition fighting and have experienced this before.

Of course there is a chance that your opponent knows more martial arts than you do. the only answer here is to train to be as proficient as possible.

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Can you mix Taekwondo with other Martial Arts?

While it is possible it probably isn’t a great idea. Better to master one form than try to mix two forms, and find they conflict. Taekwondo emphasizes kicks, while something like karate emphasizes punches. This can be a problem if you have to resist the urge to punch while competing in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is a structured and codified system. Better to master this, or advance further in this system, than compromise between two systems.

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Many people study martial arts for the sake of discipline and fitness. Being better able to defend yourself is an added bonus should you be unfortunate enough to encounter such an emergency.

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