Jordan’s story as told by his Dad

My son Jordan was having a problem with a bully at school and as a result he was having self esteem issues. We decided that martial arts would be great for him because it will be good for his fitness, discipline and confidence. We were heard many good things about Taekwondo World and so we gave it a go.

Jordan was very hesitant at first and cried on his first taekwondo class. The instructors were very encouraging and eventually persuaded him to join the class and he loved it! Needless to say, he now looks forward to going to his Taekwondo classes.

In the time he has been training with Taekwondo World what a difference it has made! It has given him inner confidence and new ways to handle difficult situations with more composure. Physically his co-ordination, strength and endurance levels have been increased immensely. He told me the other day that when he grows up, he would like to represent Australia in Taekwondo in the Olympics . I have no doubt that he is definitely training in the right place. I recommend Taekwondo World to everyone.

Taekwondo World experience for Dean and Anthony

Dean and Anthony have been part of the Taekwondo World family for 5 years now.
The boys have been trained not only in Taekwondo techniques but also have been taught respect, honour, self control, patience, and concentration.

Matthew’s taekwondo experience

My name is Matthew and I started Taekwondo in August 06. At first I wanted to try it because it looked like fun, but now I enjoy the workout and different moves you learn. Since starting, I have worked hard and participated in two gradings, passing both. My goal is to get my black belt one day.

As parents we wanted Matthew to have a sport that taught him discipline and how to focus on his goals while still having fun. Taekwondo has definitely helped with his overall concentration and has also built up his self esteem.

Kim’s fascination of taekwondo and his three sons

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Ceaseless training is essential to keep oneself in top from and physical condition. To get those of condition, we need to set our body to regular mental situation and have to moderate in every sort of sophisticated throught such as laziness or drowsiness.
When I was a young kid, my parent asked me to learn Taekwondo, So I started age 8 and until I got black belt in high school student. When I learned Taekwondo, I learned a lot of things which I can use/apply my life to survive especially Can-Do mind.
Now I am grew up and I have 3 boys (age 6, 9 and 12 years old) so I want to sharing my Taekwondo experience with my kids.

When I tried to select club, it was very hard because too many club in Sydney. So I have to filtering out the list. Finally I found Taekwondo World.
The reason I chosen Taekwondo world is, Master Yoo has been teaching over 30 years and he had a Taekwondo degree in Yongin University (Yongin University is one of the best Taekwondo degree course in Korea who only can enter the best of best). So I can trust his Taekwondo skill, especially he has strong mind and philosophy
My 2nd kid started Sep 2005 and he won tournament, Sydney Best of Best and NSW Spring Championship when he had a yellow belt. He always proud of himself which help to encourage to challenge the new thing. When is brother watched him, they wanted to learn Taekwondo too. Now all 3 boys are learning Taewondo every day even though Saturday (Special class for tournament) but never exhausted or bored themselves.
Now I am very happy to send them to Taekwondo World and One day I may re-start Taekwondo again with my wife.

Todd’s Taekwondo experience

Todd has been training Taekwondo for 1.5 years now.
Todd was not interested in team sport and started Taekwondo without even really knowing what it was. He went along to Castle Hill and quickly became hooked. He found the techniques fun and friendly instructors to assist him at all times. When Todd first started he told a few of his friends and they went along and also quickly became hooked.

Grading is an aim for Todd, knowing what patterns and techniques they need to know to progress to the next level. Changing the colour of the belt is a huge incentive. Taekwondo has given Todd confidence, strength and flexibility. It has assisted him with discipline and helped him with his concentration. This is also reflective in his school work. I would strongly recommend Taekwondo for everyone no matter what age.