Persistence pays at Taekwondo World

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Master Yoo, Kim and all the Instructors at Taekwondo World for the wonderful job they have done with our son Ethan. He has moved in leaps and bounds since joining the club and is already at a blue belt level. Ethan is a shy and timid kid. He started at Taekwondo World in April 2009 at age 4. Our aim was to have him build on his self confidence in preparation for Kindergarten in 2011.

This club stood out from the rest when we conducted our research. Taekwondo World has a great facility, specific age group training, a structured program and a fantastic group of trainers. Their timetable is very suitable for weekly training of younger children. It was very difficult for us initially as Ethan did not want to train. He would cry before we even left the house. When we arrived at the Dojang he would refuse to remove his shoes and hang onto our legs. The Instructors literally had to peel him off us! It was very disturbing for us to watch our child so upset – but we persisted. The turning point came when one of Ethan’s Grandmothers offered to take him to an extra class during the week. She is a much tougher person in terms of emotions and she literally would deliver him to the Dojang and go back to her car. This coupled with our weekly Saturday classes seemed to help Ethan overcome his fear. Within a space of a few months we found he had settled down and to our amazement started to enjoy the program. We think the thrill of moving up the ladder in belt colour also helped. As parents I think it fair to assume that most children work out from a very young age how to get their parents to work around them. You can bet any money if the activity you are trying to introduce does not represent fun in their minds, then you can be sure they will reject it. It is very important to persist especially if you are convinced that it is in the best interest of your child. We are proof that patience and persistence pays off. Ethan is more than ready to start school and we can’t wait to enroll our second son Tristen next year. We highly recommend Taekwondo World to anyone considering joining.

Kind regards

Thanks from Daniel Xin’s family‏

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your
Taekwondo World for Daniel’s progress in Taekwondo

Daniel Xin started Taekwondo training in Taekwondo World
when he was 5 years old. A big happy smile always
appears on his face every time he changed his belt colour
with a new certificate. He is now black belt and go to
Taekwondo World on a weekly basis. When his school has
Taekwondo training, Daniel is the leader in front line to show
his classmates all patterns and Taekwondo skills.

Daniel enjoys Taekwondo training. It has developed his
social ability, built up his confidence and helped him
understand respect and leadership. Of course, it also gives
him a chance to make more friends.

Daniel is now in Year 4 and will go to Sydney Grammar
School next year from Year 5. We are very proud of Daniel
and again thanks to Taekwondo World and all his

Warm Regards

Self discipline, Fitness and Confidence

My three sons William (9), Benjamin (8) and Samuel (4) have been attending Taekwondo Classes for over a year. I have noticed significant changes in that time.

William’s self discipline, listening skills and communication with others have positively changes and as a result his school grades have improved.

Benjamin’s fitness level has increased which has helped him improve not only with his Taekwondo gradings but also on his performances in all other sports he participates in.

Samuel has started prep school this year and since joining Taekwondo World he has become so much more confident. He therefore settled straight away into his new environment and making friends is easy to him.

I would strongly recommend Taekwondo World to anyone (children or adults) considering making changes for the better. Most of all my boys love going each week.

Kind regards
Rachel Berkeley

What a fabulous place Taekwondo World is!!

The first thing you notice is the bright airy professional full time studio with fully padded floor and walls with ample sunlight streaming in from the huge floor to ceiling windows. This beats community centres hands down, then you can venture to the upstairs viewing room that is setup with a large viewing window, fabulous big screen TV, lounge and conference table with chairs – Great if you have other children with you so they can do homework, watch TV or just read a book, even watch their sibling training if they wish. There is plenty of off street undercover parking, whih is a godsend if you are like me and always running from one activity to the next and do not have not time to hunt around for a carspace.

Then once your children start training at Taekwondo World you will notice the thing that really sets them apart from other schools – The Instructors! All the masters at Taekwondo World are just so enthusiastic and have a ball with the kids, my two girls just love coming to class and really strive to do their best enjoying every minute of their training. We started our beautiful girls at Taekwondo World to ensure that they became confident, strong and be able to be in control of any situation they may be presented with, it is a sad reality that in todays world bullying and violence is on the increase and we want them to be prepared and I do believe that Taekwondo World is doing an excellent job.

But hey don’t let the kids have all the fun, Scott and I decided to join in the adults classes to increase our fitness levels and for me to learn self defense and we haven’t looked back. It is never too late to get fit and Scott has lost weight and even been able to go off his blood pressure medication, I am losing weight and getting fit and becoming more confident that I can defend myself (and my children) if the need arises. But above all we all enjoy the family classes where we are engaged with our children doing an activity that we all enjoy and as the motto goes “the family that kicks together sticks together” ensures that all of us are enjoying the Taekwondo World experience – with the added benefit that we are all getting fit (it is never too late).

So why not change your life right now, come for a visit the first two weeks are free you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Come and join the Taekwondo World Family it’s great.

Kind Regards,

Dustyne, Scott, Shaya and Hannah (The Tavner Family).

Taekwondo Brothers – Teo Family

It all started on a rainy Sunday afternoon and we picked up a local newspaper and saw the TKD world’s advertisement. We picked up the keys and jackets and went off to the North Rocks gym. The class hadn’t started but we could see that this was where we wanted our two sons, Benjamin and Ambrose to continue to pursue. At first we wanted something fun, to maintain fitness and for the self defense, and Taekwondo has definitely covered all the aspects we expected.
After 7 years with Master Yoo, Benjamin and Ambrose have received their 2nd Dan Black Belts followed closely behind by our youngest son, Christopher also a 2nd Dan ( Junior) Black Belt who joined a few years after.
Over the years, the facilities has improved from a basic to a purposed fit-out centre with good equipment and environment. The Taekwondo Headquarter in Castle Hill has a vast amount of space to allow the students to perform to the best of their abilities. Over the years our sons have come upon many fantastic Masters/instructors with their own special field of expertise. They developed better technic from the masters specialize in their respective field such as Sparring, Patterns and Self Defense. Taekwondo comes with it’s physical values as well with intangible values including confidence and respect just to name 2. Most importantly, they enjoy the sport and the fellowship with the fellow students and masters.

We recommend TKD World to be the gym to get started!

Four boys are training in hurstville

My name is Kostas Kotrolos and I started Taekwondo almost five years ago having gotten my black belt near the end of last year. My time spent studying this martial art was enjoyable although at times could be tiring as I exerted my body to its limits and above. In the years I spent studying under Master Yoo, I became more disciplined, self confident and independent as Taekwondo not only taught me how to defend myself physically but also allowed me to overcome many mental obstacles in my life. By participating in a couple of classes a week, I have gained a sense of self-respect, honour and duty as well as learning the ancient art of shouting. Seeing the enjoyment I was having, my brothers followed in my footsteps, with my two oldest brothers, Harrison and Raphael, joining soon after I signed up and the younger one, Alexander, joining the gang at the end of last year. Unfortunately, I had to quit earlier this year due to my year 12 studies, however, given the chance, I would do it all over again if not just for thrill of it.

From TKD WORLD, two school Captains

Leadership is one of the most important qualities in all aspects of life, and we at Taekwondo World embrace this to the fullest. Two of our more outstanding students, Ambrose Teo and Jake Williams, have been able to apply the leadership skills learnt through practicing Taekwondo to their education, consequently gaining the esteemed honour of becoming School Captain’s of Baulkham Hills North Public School in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Ambrose Teo, who captained his school in 2008, has been training since the age of 7, and has now attained his prestigious Black Belt, reflective of his exceptional skill level and leadership qualities gained through his years of training. When asked about how these qualities were vital to his important position, he stated that “to be a role model for the students at Taekwondo […] teaches me to have respect for all others, to be a leader for other school students.” Ambrose then continued to explain about how the sociability gained through Taekwondo is also a significant factor, stating that “making friends helped improve my social life, allowing me to be a more accepting and responsible person” – the foundations of a leadership figure.

Jake Williams is now taking up the position as School Captain of Baulkham Hills North in 2009, and just so happens to be another impressive student of Taekwondo World. He has been training since 2007, at the age of 10, and is currently a Red Belt, merely a few months away from reaching his very own Black Belt. He also attributes his abilities as a leadership figure for his fellow students to Taekwondo, he himself explaining that “the discipline, respect, self-confidence, socialising and meeting new people at Taekwondo have made me a better leader and role model”. The improvement in self-confidence is what Jake cherishes most, as he went on to say that “it helped a lot with talking to, and making presentations in front of, many people”.

In addition to Taekwondo enhancing their leadership abilities, both Ambrose and Jake encourage others to join Taekwondo for the physical benefit of fitness. Both described how their fitness, stamina and flexibility have improved tremendously, Jake in particular stating how his annual Cross-Country Run results have improved remarkably since joining Taekwondo World.

As both Ambrose Teo and Jake Williams will agree with, learning Taekwondo at Taekwondo World strengthens your fitness and personality, and develops your leadership qualities remarkably. It is no mere coincidence that they have both achieved the honour of School Captaincy, and are both members Taekwondo World, partaking in the martial art that enriches the mind, body and soul.

Finally, Jordan has black!

My son Jordan was subject to bullying at school. As a result, he had low self esteem and did not want to participate in school or social events. After hearing so many good things about Taekwondo World, we decided that Jordan should give it a go.

In his very first class, Jordan was hesitant and even cried because he did not want to do it. The instructors were very encouraging and eventually persuaded him to join the class. He loved it! It’s hard to believe how far Jordan has come. He enjoys going to the classes every day and made a lot of new friends. He loves learning different patterns, sparring and demonstration training. The instructors are very friendly, encouraging, patient and highly competent.

Taekwondo has made a significant difference in Jordan’s life by giving him confidence, discipline and both mental and physical strength. His school teachers have also noticed that he is more motivated and focused. We are so proud of Jordan’s achievements – at 7 years old, Jordan has earned his black belt and participated in tournaments where he has won numerous trophies. Without a doubt, enrolling him in Taekwondo World has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son and we strongly recommend Taekwondo World to everyone.


Happy Parents and Happy son

My 9 year old son Brian Kim has been attending TKD classes for the past 3 Years.
I am delighted to observe his great success in his personal development as a result of TKD classes.

It has given him much more self-confidence to undertake other activities, self-discipline, and the ability to perform in the public arena.

‘Taekwondo World’ is to be congratulated for assisting in the development of our children.

Allison, Callum and Claire in January 2008

Allison079They loved it from the first lesson and train most days.
The improvement in their flexibility and fitness could be seen within the first few weeks.

We had been looking for an activity that combined fitness, flexibility and discipline and an activity they could do togther.

We found lots of kids of different ages and abilities who are all welcome and made to feel they are valued.

Our children have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in tournaments, where they have competed in both individual and team events. With Sparring, Patterns, Dancing and Demonstrations, there are events to suit everyone.

As part of the blackbelt demonstration team they have made wonderful friends and had a great time learning some kendo techniques and new creative patterns. Their Saturday afternoon training sessions are filled with hard work, and lots of laughter.