Happy Family with Taekwondo

Who would have thought 2 months after our son Oscar joined Taekwondo World my husband and I would also. We really cannot recommend Taekwondo World enough. There are so many benefits in learning Taekwondo we would love to share with everyone our experience.

As soon as you enter Taekwondo World you can feel what a happy and energetic place it is. Grandmaster Yoo, the Masters and other member’s attitude to training as well as the Masters being trained in Korea, really make this a special club that sets it apart.

We have seen our son Oscar change from a shy child who does not like to try anything new to a much more confident child willing to try new things. We can hardly believe he was happy to perform self defense and breaking demonstrations in front of an audience of hundreds of people.

After seeing how much Oscar enjoyed Taekwondo my husband and I also decided to join. This way we can exercise all together in family classes. With our busy lives we did not want to spend more time away from each other to exercise. No more sitting behind the television and being lazy and we are able to set a good example for our son.

It is clear all the Masters love Taekwondo and love children. This is evident by the wonderful relationships we see forming between the Masters and our son Oscar and all the children who attend. The Masters are excellent role models for our son.

Our only regret is that we did not find Taekwondo World years ago.

Father & Son Team

Hello, Master Yoo!

426352_304854752895504_137895419591439_769049_426909077_n-300x200Shaun started doing Taekwondo in August 2010 when he was just three years old. When he started he was very shy and quiet. He was not happy about leaving mum and dad and going off with these strange men in white pajamas, but he soon bonded with them and has become very close to a number of them. We have found that all the Masters are very good with the young kids, playing with the before the little tigers class and gaining their confidence.

After watching Shaun for a couple of weeks I decided to look at the seniors class. I was apprehensive at first. I didn’t want to be the old man novice by myself. I found that there was a number of people my own age there and of varying experience from the beginner to black belt. The Masters were very patient and understanding when it came to my training and level of fitness. Shaun and I particularly like the family class where we get to train together. This bonding time is so special for the two us us and our relationship is extremely good.

Shaun is no longer the shy little boy and now is happy to get out the front of the class and demonstrate certain techniques that he has learnt. We have both made very good friends and found the training to be challenging but fun at the same time.

A Very Proud Day in Our Family‏

As you would be aware today my 7 ½ year old son Declan graded for Black Belt. To see him go through his grading techniques, patterns and sparing was a very proud moment for our young family.
It seems hard to image that just 3 years ago when he started in Little Tigers as a shy and nervous little boy, that he would today stand alone to face his challenges, still nervous yet confident and focused. During this time he has learnt and used many fine qualities which will serve him well into the future.
He has shown great persistence and focus to learn the 8 patterns and all the associated punching and kicking techniques. He has shown courage to be able to overcome his fear at breaking the boards. Today he showed no hesitation to stand up and spare despite the mismatch between the 2 boys. I thank Master Yoo and Instructors for giving him the opportunity to experience these qualities and to be able to put them into action on a regular basis.
As you know, my 4 ½ year old daughter Regan has also this year commenced training and already is focused on emulating her brothers feats. To see them training together and truly sharing each others achievements is strengthening their bond and giving them something that they can share together always.
I also appreciate greatly the opportunity to be able to share as a family their progress through the grades. The videos and pictures we have taken are already treasured memories. Even tonight as we celebrated with dinner, we replayed them over and over again reliving every moment.
I know that for Declan this journey has only begun and that he has much more to learn and to understand, but from what he has learnt and what I have seen I have great confidence that he can achieve more.

Thanks you again for giving him (and our family) this opportunity

Thanks & Regards

Three generations of the Jack’s Family train together

Jack-32My father, my brother and I have all trained under the guidance and coaching of Master Yoo at Taekwondo World. He is a very passionate, skilful and knowledgeable instructor who provides his students with the most current information that the sport has to offer. Taekwondo World at Castle Hill is offering all participants a state of the art gymnasium with large spaces to learn in and an abundance of equipment. When you enter, you cannot help but be impressed by the facilities. They are simply outstanding.

In addition to an excellent environment to learn and train in, Master Yoo and Taekwondo World at Castle Hill also supports students by having numerous instructors available in every class. This enables the instructors to give individual attention to their students and therefore the student receives extra tuition and assistance.

My son has recently become interested in Taekwondo. The only club that we visited for his first look at the sport was Taekwondo World at Castle Hill. Mrs Yoo was extremely helpful at the front desk, providing us with all the information that we required. After 5 minutes of watching, my son was very keen to join in with the other beginners. There is a very social but focussed atmosphere when training, particularly with the beginners. My son could not wait to become involved.

My father, my brother and I were all very pleased that we trained at Taekwondo World under the coaching of Master Yoo. The skills and attitudes learnt during Taekwondo training have assisted us in our everyday lives and continue to assist us today. My son will be the third generation of the Jack family to become involved in Taekwondo with Master Yoo. I am very pleased that my son can also benefit from the many things that Master Yoo and Taekwondo World at Castle Hill have to offer.

Yours Sincerely,

Thank you to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords

Thankyou to the team at Taekwondo World from the Sanfords………

We last wrote in 2009 when we started Taekwondo and how we were enjoying the training. Now here we are 2 years later and we have all trained hard to achieve Black Belt level! We are very proud of our son Callum (8yrs), who received his Black Belt in August 2010. He is really enjoying the classes which not only keep him fit but, he is more confident within himself and this has reflected in school work as well. He also participated in the TKD Dancing and Pattern competitons held in 2010.

He came 2nd in the TKD Dancing and 3rd in the Black Belt 1st Dan Pattern competition. He was very excited as were we, all and TKD trophies take pride of place in his bedroom.
My daughter Kendall (11yrs) Richard and myself , all graded for our Black Belts in March 2011 with success and it felt very special and a real achievement on receiving them from Master Yoo. We would like to thank Master Yoo and all the wonderful Masters for their encouragement, support and friendship on our journey in Taekwondo. We all feel a lot healthier and our fitness levels are much better.
Taekwondo is such a great way to keep fit, the classes are fun, interesting and challenging and we have made new friends along the way. Thankyou Taekwondo World.

From Michelle,Richard, Kendall and Callum Sanford.

Taekwondo World – A great Experience

I would like to thank Master Yoo and all of the instructors at the Taekwondo World Gym – Castle Hill. Both my Son Jack and I enrolled into Taekwondo World at Castle Hill in January 09. We wanted to get Jack interested in a sport that would offer discipline, teach him how to respect people and focus and have fun. At the same time I wanted to be a part of this, I wanted to have something we can do together. Taekwondo World has done that. The family class offered is great fun and Jack loves it. At home we continue training, it’s great.

Jack can give me pointers on where I go wrong.
The great thing with this type of training is there is so much variety, One day we will be doing Grading techniques, then the next day sparing, then the next week Taekwondo dancing, the variety makes the class go quick and keeps it interesting. The adult classes are also filled with Variety but at the same time a great workout. Even after two years I can notice each week, my kicks improving, my fitness level increasing and my stretching getting better.

The recent introduction of the Dance competition and Pattern competition has been great. Unfortunately we missed the Dance competition but when Jack found out about the pattern competition we both trained hard every day and practised together for weeks (Once again Jack could give me some help), at the competition all his hard work paid off and he took first place for the Red belts, this has just given Jack more confidence and interest to keep training hard and work towards his goal of a black belt.

I would recommend Taekwondo World to anyone.

Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us

Taekwondo as a sport has become a way of life for us. There are so many positives since it became an integral part of our lives. Fitness and overall wellbeing is one very obvious benefit, but there is so much more. I love the discipline that it teaches my boys (aged 4 and 5) without forfeiting friendliness and fun. The structure and discipline of Taekwondo as a sport, particularly the patterns, strengthens the memory and listening skills of young children, standing them in good stead as they grow older. It also assists an ‘older’ guy like me keep all the faculties intact!

The professionalism of the instructors at Taekwondo World is also a huge plus for us. The classes are always run in punctual manner and the instructors are highly trained, skilful, extremely helpful and they go out of their way to assist in whatever way they can. The facilities are very spacious and big enough to accommodate a substantial number of students. It is very airy, well air-conditioned for those hot summer days and lends itself to an overall very enjoyable experience with every training session. I would highly recommend Taekwondo World to anyone and everyone. Taekwondo caters for all ages and all ranges of people, and I can’t say enough how much we love it. My boys eagerly anticipate each and every training session, and so do I!

Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World

Everybody and anybody can reap rewards from Taekwondo World. I am proud to say my children attend Taekwondo World at Castle Hill which is run by the Master Yoo and instructors.

My children have been attending for nearly two years now. It’s the best decision I ever made. My son had problems at school with kids bullying him on a daily basis so I took him to a trial lesson and he had a great time. My daughter didn’t want to join because she thought it was a boys sport but she enjoyed herself so much at the trial lesson that both of them were signed up. My daughter ended up being a bit of a natural and is quite flexible so she gets a lot from the sport. My daughter is a black belt and has two trophies from Taekwondo World. These are not your basic $5 trophies. Master Yoo is a proud man and only the best will do for his students at Taekwondo World. There is a wonderful feeling you get from Taekwondo World. They make you feel like one big family.

Master Yoo instructors are very helpful to everyone and you can go to them for any questions you may have about the sport. Master Yoo is an educated man who I find interesting to talk too because you always learn something from him. There is so much to do at Taekwondo world. The kids enjoy learning there patterns which is basically kicks, blocks and hand techniques. I find it quite beautiful to watch if it is done properly. Sparring is a lot of fun because you get to compete against an opponent and try out smart him or her with your Taekwondo moves. Then you have Taekwondo dancing which can be funny at times. An instructor will come up with a dance using Taekwondo moves and the kids have to learn the dance and then they all dance it together with a great song . Every instructor has their own character so you never know what you will get. My children get along with all the instructors and have really bonded with all of them. They look up to them because they really spend the time to help them learn Taekwondo and have some fun along the way.
My children’s confidence and concentration has improved so much this past two years. My son is now a red belt one tip and the bullies left him alone a long time ago. He has learnt to stand up for himself without even kicking anyone. Their fitness level has improved so much they get annoyed if they have to miss a lesson. They just can’t get enough because it is such fun sport to be involved in and I know because I have tried it out myself. They have recently started competitions at Taekwondo World. They have had the Taekwondo dancing and the pattern competition. The kids really look forward to these because there are wonderful trophies to be won 1st , 2nd and 3rd place.

All I can say is come along and see for yourself why Taekwondo World is such a fabulous place for Adults and children.

Kieran and Arvin Prasad Brother’s story

My brother Arvin and I were looking for a good martial arts school. My parents looked at a number of them and eventually we visited Taekwondo World. The instructors at Taekwondo world gave us a trial session and we really enjoyed it.

Taekwondo World really taught us how to defend ourselves using different techniques. Every step of the way and every grading we learned new things and new techniques. Eventually we were promoted to blue belt and unfortunately at this stage we felt like quitting. Not because we didn’t like it but because we were playing soccer as well and school work was getting difficult. We told the instructors compelled us to keep on going and so did the instructors. They encouraged us and helped us progress to higher belts. As we were having lots of fun we decided to continue. We have gone from blue belt to red belt black tip (cho dan bo).

I particularly like the many fun activities during the training sessions. We have to run, jump over stacked blocks and hit a target. This gets interesting, as the stacks are made higher. There is also blocking which includes hitting or kicking the target and then blocking the target as the master swings it at you.
Taekwondo World is a truly great place to learn martial arts. My brother and I are looking forward to the black belt grading and we hope to pass.

We Love Taekwondo World

My husband and myself decided to join our 3 children up at Taekwondo World Castle Hill.
They were not enjoying other sports and we thought this would be something different for them. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!!
Not only are Anthony, Adrian and Alyssa having so much fun, they are also keeping fit and learning something new, which is very good for your brain.
We choose Taekwondo World Castle Hill as it is very clean, bright and airy and there is a huge amount of room. The Instructors are FANTASTIC the kids really learn and have a ball at the same time.

My husband and I saw how much fun the kids were having and everything they were learning so we decided to join up too. Not only do we feel less tired and more fit we have lost some weight as well. I feel better knowing that if my children learn self
defensse they will be able to protect themselves if they ever need to. Master Yoo and his wife Kima re very friendly people and so are the instructors and all the other people doing Taekwondo. The Kids and I really enjoy the family sessions where we all learn Taekwondo together. We have lots of laughs which is also very good for you. We are so glad that we have made Taekwondo World Castle Hill a part of our lives and we recommend it to everyone!

Don’t wait, Join Now……. YOU WILL LOVE IT

Kind Reguards,