This is a message from one of our recent 1st Dan Black Belts. He has worked hard to attain this level, and we are proud of his dedication and motivation. We hope to see him continue to progress.

“I started out at Taekwondo World in the beginning of 2013. It began as a passing interest in Taekwondo, having done some previous martial arts in my youth like Kung Fu and Muay Thai I was interested in Taekwondo as a martial art that combined both flexibility and strength to do… well… TOTALLY AWESOME KICKS!!

IMG_6299-300x200I wanted to find a martial art with more technical skill and expertise involved than just kicking and punching heavy bags as hard as you can, but also something with more freedom and action than the heavily theoretical (and somewhat uninspiring) style that was Kung Fu. In Taekwondo I found exactly that. Demo Kicks, Poomsae techniques, Sparring there’s always something new to learn and another level to strive for.

The Masters at Taekwondo World have a step by step approach where you learn every skill bit by bit. First the fundamentals, then more advanced techniques that build upon that basic training as you progress in skill and belt grade. I remember being the newbie who didn’t even know how to do a proper round house kick, now I can even do jumping spinning 360 hook kicks, it wasn’t a quick process, but over the years its astonishing to see how far I’ve come. I finally reached the rank of black belt at the end of 2015 and while most people would think that’s the end of the road I’ve come to realize that it’s actually the beginning. Now the fun really starts. The progression system at TKD World is really good for motivating you to learn more and do better. Kick by kick, stripe by stripe and belt by belt you become faster, stronger and more able, not just at kicks but also in life.

IMG_6272low-300x200Training at Taekwondo World has fast become the part of the day that I look forward to the most, just thinking about the things we’d learn and the kicks we’d get to do puts a smile on my face. Not only is every session a rewarding workout, you get to have fun learning and perfecting various kicks and techniques while doing it. Recently I’ve come to realize that with everything I’ve achieved here at Taekwondo World, it’s given me a new purpose in life beyond the everyday humdrum of office life.

Life in the office got you down? Do some kicks! Sometimes you need to achieve something for yourself outside of your career. Taekwondo was the answer for me.

So whats the next level for me now that I’ve got my black belt? I’m going to keep training so that one day I’ll be good enough to be a Master, so that I can share Taekwondo with others and that they might find purpose and meaning in it as I have. It may be quite a while away, but I have no doubt that with training and dedication I will get there.

Taekwondo. It’s a way of life.”

Martial Arts Kellyville

One goal, two woman, history in the making!

When Sylvana Giuffreand Shalini Burnsjoined Taekwondo World, their aim was to get their black belt. However, after reaching black, they wanted more. Both ladies are over 40 with families. They have a passion for the sport and train hard.

Here are their stories

Sylvana Giuffre (47)

grading1My journey into TKD extends from my Karate background. Having reached my Brown Belt Black tip in Karate by the time I was 19, I felt something was missing and incomplete. I took up TKD at a much later stage in my life, with all intentions on getting my black belt. No deviations this time around. I also wanted a “mixed martial arts” skillset. My son inspired me to join him in his journey to getting his black belt. He joined TKD 2 years before I did and I got the “itch”. My son said he would wait for me to catch up to his level and “we’ll grade together mum”. With that in mind, I set myself the goal to get my black belt within 2 years, and I did. But I wanted more! Two years after getting my black belt, my good friend Shalini inspired me to go on the journey with her to get our Second Dan. Together, it was gruelling training at the dojo for 12 months. Not only did I train with Shalini at the Dojo, but I was disciplined enough to train at home. If I wasn’t training at the dojo I was training at home 7 days a week to be prepared for my Second Dan grading.

TKD is an addition for me. I can’t get enough. I am in awe of the young Masters and they drive me to be my best at all times. I’m always learning something new and always bettering myself at it. If I think I’ve nailed some move, I think again. No I haven’t nailed that, I can do better. So I keep on going. The masters inspire, motivate and discipline me. I love their teachings.

TKD is a life long sport. When you think you get to a certain level, you have the craving to go to the next level.
TKD never stops, it is life!

Shalini Burns (44)

burns-familyBurns family I started karate when I was 7 years old. After 6 years of training I reached my brown belt, but had to stop. I joined a gym in my 20s and enjoyed the aerobic classes and weight training and did that for many years even after starting a family. It was when I noticed my son getting pushed around on the playground; when he was 3 years old that I decided to seek out some form of martial arts for him; as I remembered how confident I was in my ability from a very young age and knew introducing him to it, would help him. It has exponentially! After watching him train for a while I found that I wanted to get involved as well and we joined up as a family. It took my husband some time to convince but we now argue to decide who goes to class and who stays to look after the kids. We enjoy the family time and doing something as a family. It is very rare to find a sport that you can all do together.

As with everything in my life, I give it 110%. So after 2 years as a black belt I decided I wanted more. And thus trained with the wonderful Sylvana and we graded together. We may be older and the body may not be flexible as it used to be, but our passion and dedication make up for these limitations. We will continue to be better than what we are today. We will continue to persevere.

My competition is within myself and where there is a will, there is a way.

Taekwondo World has not just provided me with a training sanctuary, it has also allowed me to build a community of friends that I call family.

Taekwondo is my way of life

Taekwondo is my way of life. I first started way back in 2006 when I was only 12. I am now at the ripe age of 19. Taekwondo World was small back then, only a small space Hills. They are now the biggest Taekwondo Centre in Australia. I remember my first lesson like it was yesterday. It was a Thursday, overcast and windy. The only thing that brightened up that small room was Kim’s great big smile.

I had no idea what to expect. Before I arrived I didn’t even know what Taekwondo was. “Something like Karate or Kung fu? Like in the movies?” I thought to myself. What I also didn’t expect is that Taekwondo would change my life forever.

I don’t know how I would look if I hadn’t started Taekwondo as a sport. I was pudgy when I first started but now I’m lean, strong and fast. Taekwondo has always helped my fitness, through school sporting lessons to Taekwondo club competitions. I didn’t win many at the time but I had an absolute blast none the less. I was never the strongest in my circle of friends, or the tallest but what I lacked in pure muscle I made up in pure fighting skill and flexibility that would leave my friends gob smacked in awe.

Taekwondo has always kept my morale and self-esteem high. Every training day, whether it’s in 40° summer heat or a cold rainy winter’s day I would leave with a spring in my step and my head held high. Each training session would make me grow more confident in myself. Being an older brother also meant I had to look and act the part, always giving an example on how to be the best I could be.

Taekwondo World has always had good sense of community. I could strike up and joke around even with a complete stranger during training. The masters there have always been nice and showed us what we were doing wrong, never losing their cool, showing us how a particular technique was done like it was the easiest thing in the world. Now that I am a 2nd Dan black belt, I feel like I am also a teacher and a student during classes.

So despite numerous injuries, life events, and the HSC, Taekwondo has always made life better for me and ultimately made me a better person overall.

Thank you.


Taekwondo World has changed my life; I am a different person who has a bright future ahead. I am 14 years old. It all started 18 months ago never did I know that my life was going to change forever. I have always been interested in sport and physical activity, previously I have switched from sport to sport but the longest I have played a sport is 4-5 months. I first started swimming then to basketball to tennis to netball and now Taekwondo.

I have done Taekwondo for 18 months and I feel like a different person. I have changed physically, emotionally and mentally. It all started when I was watching The Biggest Loser and the trainer, Tiffiny Hall, was doing Taekwondo, I had an urge to try it. In primary school I always felt scared someone would do something to me and I was bad- tempered.

I have not only improved physically, emotionally and mentally but also academically, I have achieved higher marks at school and am more confident. This year I was elected SRC and organised a fundraiser at school and raised over $1,000 in a day!

My parents encourage and support me every step of the way! During my journey I have been faced with injuries but I recover and keep on going because life is so boring without taekwondo!

At home I am considered eldest as my brother has cerebral palsy (he can’t talk or walk), before I had no confidence in taking him out but now I take my brother on small walks and spend time with him. After going to Taekwondo World and having fun every time my sister joined too, we have so much fun and come home with a big smile on our faces.

At Taekwondo World I have met so many amazing people and we are all like a big family, I have made so many friends that I can relate to. I always wait eagerly for time to pass so I can go to Taekwondo. The masters are skilful and Master Yoo and Kim are very welcoming.

A big thank you to Master Yoo, Kim, the masters and my parents!


Taekwondo Kingsgrove

Start a new life with Taekwondo

I started training at Taekwondo World just over 12 months ago with my 7 year old son. I used to love to run and go to the gym but spent the last 5 years pushing a stroller or walking at toddler pace. I love playing outdoors with my children but still the weight crept on.

I tried going back to the gym but found it too boring. I tried running again, but I had too much pain in my hips and feet. Then, I walked into Taekwondo World at Castle Hill. Immediately I felt at home.

So 12 months ago I started training with their amazing Masters (whose skill has to been seen to be believed). At first I was totally hopeless (really). I was 39, never tried Martial Arts, was overweight, inflexible and unfit. From the beginning, physically and mentally it was really tough. Sometimes even painful but every day it is fun. Along with the other students, we are like one big family and I love it.

It is hard to express how challenging this journey has been so far. I used to be fit & healthy, but kids slow you down and you hardly notice the effect this has on your health. I’d suffered with a painful coccyx for a few years and fallen arches in my feet that were so painful even walking barefoot was agony. I really was falling apart. Then, during my last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes, which wrecked my metabolism & takes such a physical toll on your body. It was a great reminder that my health needed to come first.

The changes have been slow, but are lasting. I am still frustrated looking at the scales, they have hardly moved but I have dropped 2 dress sizes. Most amazing is that my hips and coccyx are no longer painful. The arches in my feet have re-formed from training barefoot. I even prefer thongs or being barefoot to trainers (which I know are the reason for my sore feet). I am stronger, faster, more flexible and full of energy.

I love the hard work, I love getting fit, I love challenging my body to do new things, some of which I never thought I’d be able to do. Learning Taekwondo is very much a ‘work in progress’ & I know there is always so much more to learn, to practise, and to perfect. Finally seeing the results of my hard work is my reminder never to give up & its never too late to try something new.

So thank you Master Incheol Yoo and Kim at Taekwondo World for being so welcoming and accommodating to everyone from complete beginners to those who are still perfecting their art. A special thanks to those remarkable Masters who have pushed me to work harder, to be better, faster and stronger. Its working. Taekwondo – I love it!

Express our gratitude to Grand Master Yoo and his Team of dedicated and passionate Masters

Our children have attended the Castle Hill Taekwondo Club for more than three years, and over that period have excelled physically, emotionally, and academically.

Jasmine’s school grades have improved dramatically. She started off with average grades, and since joining TKD World, her grades have improved each year, and she is now at the top of her class. Jasmine was recently awarded the Principles Award at her school for improvement in academic performance. Taekwondo has given her the focus and confidence to achieve this. After dropping out of dancing and netball, taekwondo is her chosen sport. Jasmine enjoys sparring and patterns, and late last year earned her Black Belt.

My youngest, Ryan, was a habitual night waker, waking every night for weeks without a full night sleep. Under the careful guidance of Master Shin, Ryan’s sleeping has improved and we are are all getting a lot more sleep. Although Ryan has only just started school, he is already ahead in every aspect of learning. He has enjoyed learning some key words, numbers and phrases in Korean, and is very enthusiastic about his sport.

The great Team at Castle Hill have assisted by not only bringing their skills and academic qualifications to the Club, but by being shining examples to our children. Taekwondo World is playing a significant role in the raising of our children, and is a huge part of their life.



It all started one afternoon while reading the school newsletter, I saw TKD World’s Advertisement. Straight away I picked up the phone and called TKD world Master Yoo told me that we can start anytime, that evening as soon as we entered TKD world everything changed. The Masters are just amazing they have so much patience and they are too good with kids. What can I say about Grand Master YOO he is just fabulous, we are so blessed to have TKD World in Castle Hill.

Ram-1-212x300Both girls love TKD. It is fun to learn and helps to gain confidence and self disciplines. From this they also developed increased concentration and both mental and physical strength. This healthy mind and healthy body from TKD also helped Sonali and Mansi in other areas, such as Sonali won the Youth 2011/12 Female Excellence Award for an outstanding Cricket season for Castle Hill RSL under 10 sides. She was one of the Top Ten Wicket takers in the Hills District. Mansi was able to get a place in school’s year 2 girls dance group. She also had a very successful Cricket season, they have also picked up various academic awards in School. TKD has helped them excel in other areas such as school, and other sports. It has helped them gain awards and developed their mind and physical skills. They both gain a lot of confidence epically Mansi has grown up so much.

Today we are so proud of them, as Sonali was voted for the best student of TKD World Castle Hill on 7th Oct 2012. At only 9 years of age she got 1st place in TKD dance competition, got her 1st Dan Black Belt and was chosen in the TKD World demonstration team for the 25th year Anniversary celebration. Mansi also got her 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 7. Both girls won trophies in TKD World 25th year Anniversary for Sparring, Patterns and Breaking.

TKD helps to focus and concentrate. These are the essential tools for success in anything.We would like to thank TKD World, Master Yoo and the Instructors for all their support and hard work to develop our girl’s abilities and skills. Their confidence has grown and they have also grown as individuals too. Without taekwondo they wouldn’t be as confident, mentally and physically strong girls they are today.

For my family, Taekwondo World is a way of life, and part of our extended family

Brandyn started his journey with Taekwondo World over two and half years ago, and he has had an amazing transition, growing from a boy who was meek and mild to someone who can now assert himself and has confidence in himself. We thank Master Yoo and the amazing group of young talented masters, past and present, for helping Brandyn with this growth. It is also amazing to watch Kera in her journey, enjoying the classes and exuding confidence, and Kaylin is learning quickly and eager to start. For my family Taekwondo World is more than a club, it is a way of life, and part of our extended family. The calibre of all the masters is second to none. It is an honour to be part of such an amazing community and we also cherish the many friendships we have made along the way. We are proud to be associated with Taekwondo World and look forward to watching our children prosper and grow with Taekwondo World over the years to come.

Warm Regards,

Building a Strong and Healthy Family with Taekwondo World

Our family has lots to thank you for. Even though our journey to-date with you has only spanned about 3 years, we have seen and felt the benefits of taekwondo and belonging to a fantastic club like Taekwondo World. Our family has grown stronger, healthier, fitter and closer with your help and support.

Our lives have changed forever with the positive influence of our extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Grand Master Yoo and his team of highly skilled, patient and passionate young Masters. We have been impressed and inspired with the nurturing and supportive environment the club has provided to us and our son, Lucas, in learning the art of taekwondo.

150156_414590961921882_1943590388_nHaving to cater to a range of early and late taekwondo learners in our family, Grand Master Yoo is always encouraging while the young Masters show great maturity and emotional intelligence in dealing with not only the mums and dads and other seniors, but little tigers and juniors as well. Even though classes are taught in groups, the Masters always strive to personalise their teachings and advice whenever possible and take interest in our progress. They are warm, down-to-earth and demonstrate great commitment to improving their students’ skills, confidence and instilling respect for one another. The Masters are also highly hands-on in class, from helping students with their positions to putting on chest pads for them. Keep up the great work Masters!

We would also like to commend the club’s philosophy of ensuring everyone has a fair go and incorporating a “you can do it” approach in their teachings. These are values our family absolutely relate and look up to. We also have a young daughter, whom we will definitely enrol when she is old enough as we feel that she will gain tremendously from the positive values that the club promotes.

Another aspect of the club we have found to be outstanding is the gym itself. The club’s gym is bright, airy and well equipped. It is definitely, in our opinion, one of the best taekwondo gyms in town. The gym is able to cater for groups of most sizes. We have always felt safe and comfortable in class with lots of room to stretch and move around even in a large group. This is an important consideration for our family as we realise a conducive and well equipped gym helps facilitate and optimise our learning.

We have also been drawn to the club, and found particularly endearing, is the genuine camaraderie and support we have received from other Taekwondo World members. More senior and experienced members are always eager to help and share their enthusiasm. Everyone we have come across is motivated to keep themselves and their families strong and healthy, no matter what level of fitness they are currently in. The club is like a melting pot, a community, which can pride itself to be an epitome of diversity and inclusion, where people from all walk of life come together to learn and embrace the taekwondo life.

We look forward to many years of association with Taekwondo World, where our children will grow up to be strong, healthy and fit individuals with your support, and parents like us can continue to build on our energy levels and stamina to keep up and for our general well-being.

We thank you Taekwondo World. You have definitely helped us build the foundation of a strong and healthy family.

Warmest regards,


My husband and I had always wanted our boys to do a martial art but we had no idea which one to choose. After making one phone call and speaking directly with Grandmaster Yoo, I knew I had found the right place for our children to go. He was so helpful and generous with his time explaining to me why TKD World would be so beneficial for our boys and invited us to come to a free lesson to see if the boys would like it. We took our boys that very afternoon to see what they thought and as soon as we walked in the door, we were met warmly by Grandmaster Yoo’s wife, Kim. She knew our names and couldn’t wait to show us the great facilities their Dojang has to offer. Master Shin took the boys for their trial lesson and within seconds they were both hooked and they’ve never looked back.

What is so amazing about TKD World is the philosophy and principles they teach all their members. Our children have learned a lot about self-control, dedication and staying focused. Their self-confidence and belief in themselves has also improved dramatically since they started. We feel that the most valuable lesson that TKD World teaches, is respect – a quality that we feel is lacking in society today.

Tournament-Pic-15-224x300Tournament-Pic-14-200x300The aspect which has been the most beneficial to our boys is the relationships they have formed with the Masters. These amazing teachers have become mentors and incredibly important people in our children’s lives. We feel that with the declining number of male teachers in Australian schools today, boys are lacking good role-models and people they can turn to in times of need outside the home. The Masters are safe people for our children to trust and TKD World is somewhere where our boys can go as often as they like and be surrounded by responsible, compassionate and knowledgeable teachers that bring out the best in our children.

The biggest surprise for my husband and I has been that although we were taking our boys to Taekwondo, we found ourselves really wanting to join as well. Every day we would go and watch our kids have so much fun exercising, that we started thinking that we’d love to do Taekwondo with them. I was very apprehensive about joining in the beginning as I hadn’t done any formal exercise for so many years and wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it. We decided to give it a go and right from the beginning, it was fantastic. We joined immediately and like our kids, my husband and I have never looked back. We are fitter and healthier thanks to TKD World.

TKD World provides so many options for families. Some days the kids do their own class and my husband and I do the senior class and some days we all do the family class together. There are so many classes each day to choose from and each lesson teaches the students something different so you’ll never get bored. The Masters make the lessons so much fun and I love it because it’s a strength training, cardio and flexibility workout all while learning a martial art.

The Masters take the time that is needed to train us properly, all while having a lot of fun. The other members make it great fun as well. We have made so many friends at TKD World which we know we’ll be friends with for life. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it’s such a great environment to train in. We have also loved the social events that we’ve been to with our TKD world friends and it’s great to catch up with each other over a nice meal instead of a punching bag. We’ve also enjoyed family BBQ’s with all the Masters and all the members which we all absolutely loved.

Taekwondo hasn’t just taught our kids important life lessons, it has taught me a lot too. It has taught me to believe in myself and that even a 35 year old Mother of 2 can do it.

Our boys are now red belts and we aren’t far behind them on blue belts and we are all focused on getting our black belts and will continue to train hard until we do.

Thanks again Grandmaster Yoo and everyone at TKD World.