Little Tigers (3-5 yrs)


The program is designed to cater to the needs of our Pre-School students, by providing a safe, non-competitive environment for our tiny students. Our large team of Instructors allows us to provide our tiniest students with close attention, to keep them focused and participating in classes. Our Centres aim to be the safest environment we can provide, with matted floors and safety equipment available to further protect our Little Tigers.

Along with building Gross Motor development, the curriculum for our Little Tigers focuses on 3 Major skills, which prepare them for school

  • Confidence is a crucial skill for young students as they prepare to enter primary school. Our students learn confidence as they work hard and see results of their training in their progression. Students also gain confidence through the building of friendships with their peers in classes.
  • Students are required to pay attention to classes, and our Instructors help each student learn to focus on the task at hand. Instructors keep students attention through interactive demonstrations of new techniques, as well as keeping lessons fun and captivating.
  • Students learn respect for Instructors and peers through the systems of Taekwondo. Students are taught to bow to Instructors and competitors, and to show good sportsmanship at all times.

In addition to Taekwondo Techniques and self-defence, students will also learn and develop the following skills:

  • Students develop strength in a fun way through drills that involve running, jumping, punching and kicking.
  • Students improve and maintain flexibility through stretching and practice of Taekwondo techniques.
  • Students improve their co-ordination through drills that involve various Taekwondo Techniques.
  • Students learn teamwork by working together during classes, including team games.
  • Students learn patience by waiting their turn, listening to instructions, and sharing with other students.
  • Students learn positive attitudes from our Instructors, who emphasise the need to try your hardest in everything you do.

In our Little Tiger Classes, we strive to make each lesson fun and educational. Our goal is to help your child achieve their potential, and to always be the best they can be.
The motto for our Little Tiger class is; “Little Tigers today, Leaders tomorrow”

Each Instructor working with our Little Tigers has been chosen for not only their qualifications, but also for their ability to teach young students in a way that is helpful, positive and specific to such a young audience. These Instructors are bright and friendly at all times, and assist in making our gym such a wonderful place to learn for all our students.

Our Little Tiger program is available at our Castle Hill Headquarters, Hurstville Centre and North Rocks & Carlingford Branch.