Jonathan Santos


Jonathan Santos

Jonathan, also known as Master Nathan has been instructing Martial Arts since 2016 and practicing Taekwondo since 2009. Jonathan is currently holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Jonathan has participated in many Taekwondo World demonstrations and participated in charity events such as World's Greatest Shave and Deadlift for Dollars. Jonathan has previous experience in Karate and Kickboxing which he adds to his teaching. Jonathan believes that Taekwondo and Martial Arts can be a wholistic fitness approach, with emphasis on self-defence and self improvement.

Jonathan's discipline, patience, humility and self-awareness have developed greatly from consistent Taekwondo training. These aspects have been applied to other sporting endeavours he pursues, such as Olympic style Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Athletics, Volleyball and Basketball.

As a Taekwondo Instructor, Jonathan has taught adults, children of various ages and those with difficulties such as Autism and ADHD. He aims to cater to the needs of his students, and hopes to teach students about details of Taekwondo techniques, practical self defence, and the values that he has learned in Taekwondo. Jonathan has previously lead the School Holiday Clinic Outside of Taekwondo, Jonathan is currently studying Public Health at Macquarie University and occasionally works as an extra for television advertisements and film. Jonathan is an advocate of mental health and believes that Taekwondo has greatly contributed positively to his mental health.

Currently, Jonathan teaches Taekwondo at Tara Anglican School during the school term, and is a regular Instructor at our Castle Hill Headquarters.